So, I’m new here then?

Hi There! So, this is my first blog (yikes) and I’ve never had a blog before. This is first tries for it. So if you are any interested at all in 21st century fashion, photography, art, music and all that jazz then look no further.Each week or so, I will update my blog on the trend of the day and talk about the latest style revoloution, publish afew of my latest story ideas, or descriptions, photos (not of me) of mine, maybe some art and anything that has caught my attention.I am really into TOPSHOP clothes, although it is unbearably expensive ; ASOS ( every few weeks  the magazine arrives- the highlight of my month), any clothes that I have a fancy to, or that  will make a statement. No offence to anyone who likes Hollister, because this is only one tiny person in the worlds opinion (which you truley don’t have to agree with), so I am not meaning to offend you in any way. I find it very in-different  to have the words “Hollister” written across your chest, and nothing to be proud of, as you have probably had to wait for 45 minutes outside the shop until the uncomfortably  bare-chested man at the door has seen the (mere two) people in the shop  have left. You often see people wearing the ” Hollister” hoodys, but just remember, there’s probably another person right round the corner wearing the exact same hoody.Don’t be a blender, be a popper. Simply my way of saying: ” Don’t try to blend in just because everyone else is, be the one who pops out of the crowd”. When you really think of it, it’s a bit tragic to think that there are millions of teenagers out there and the majority of them will be boy/girl-crazed, attention seeking and exactly the same personality-wise, when really they have a personality, but they are too frightened to use it, because they fear that if they are not exactly acting like their friends, then they might be out of trend. So it is safer just to act like someone else – if they are cool and you act like them, then you are cool, right? NO. Not right. Don’t you want to be that different teenager, the really unique, eye-catching, standy- outy-in-a-good-way one , the one who is independent and thinks for herself, doesn’t let her friends push her around one, doesn’t do outrageously stupid things for attention? Well if you want to be different, then start thinking about purifying your personality, making yourself special in your own way and you don’t need to change yourself to do that, just be yourself to do that and no-one else! So, if you like to be yourself, or even if you don’t, then you can read this blog whenever you want, as it is on the internet.Duh?! So, I’m just blogging to say hello, I am Ophelia Horton, new here and not typing ‘just another wordpress site’……Read on for my next blog,which will be  posted on (approx.) 11th April 2011….Seya then!

Note: You should check out the ‘Iris Mathieson’s blog’, as it is written by the girl who inspired me to do this. Thanks

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