Spring…here I come!

Yodell! Ok, so it’s not whenever I said I was going to post my next blog, but hey, I was skiing and had no internet connection so, I guess I’m let off just this once! SO…spring is here and summer well underway. It seems these are the seasons that fashion is all about – the brights of the newfound sunlight, bringing something new to the runway- we have all these new different trends and this is the season that fashion is waiting for all year. It seems that spring for fashion starts in February? For an early goodbye to the chilling frost. Right now, in England we’ve got a vast range of different weather: some days breezy and fresh, some dark – with cloudy skies and whistling winds. Sometimes even luverly sunny days, full of ice cream and chillin’. Most importantly, this is the season to be bold and beautiful, because fashion isn’t about following, it’s about making your own way – London is full of so many inspiring people who don’t actually care what anyone else thinks of what they wear, who put on a different colour every day, to make a statement. Fashion is an art.I do wear the same pieces alot of the time ( I’m trying to re-design my wardrobe. It’s a bit of a fail at the moment -I’ll get there), but I wear them in a different way. I love a good piece that you can really experiment with. I’m the kinda girl who likes to get some influence from designers – I see whats going on. And then I dig around through my sister’s clothes/parent’s clothes/wardrobes and pretty much the house, to find something interesting that I have seen and think of as a piece that will define me. Then I make it my own by taking stuff off my other clothes. This is a really good example of why you don’t have to have tonnes of money to be into fashion, if fashion is for you, you’ll know it. When I go out shopping I don’t buy the stuff that I need, I don’t have a plan, if there is something out there and I like it, then I know it’s there for me. My duty is to my heart. And things may come and go. You may see a pleated bow playsuit to die for at TOPSHOP, or a limited edition vintage dress and not get it (yikes! It’s fifty pounds), but things come and go and if you wanna  be in fashion then you have to learn to  look to the future and not dwell on what has come and gone. The problems I have is that nothing fits me in most shops – it is so fustrating. I see something and I’m like: ” WHAM, love at first sight” and then ” price tag: maybe not”. So I just say : ‘well, when I’m a designer I’ll just recreate it!’


– I just bought the USA print dungaree dress from Topshop ( £46) which for me works out, cos you can change the strap lengths ( if your size UK 4 like me , then you could probably make it) . I love the MOTO denim feel – it’s real comfy and can be worn with a baggy plain tee – shirt underneath ( I used one of my dads). I think the slouchy cute fit kind of nonchalance suits me well, so it will definatly be a very fun piece to have!USA Print Dungaree Dress

– a pale pink blossom headband from spitalfeilds market London (£2) from ‘poppy and Daisy. Headwear is big for spring, make things better from your head downwards! I find headbands are quite popular at the moment ( showing up in topshop’s ‘ shades of summer’ collection and french vogue women’s ‘Coup d’ eclat ‘ collection). This one was really petite and delicate, but also nymph- like and easy-to-wear, there are various colours ( purple, yellow, violet, creme, e.t.c) and all are very nice. I find it is in these  markets that you find the clothes that are most rich in unique- i-osity and cheap-but-marvellous-i-osity: spitalfeilds markets is quite suitable for vintage clothing/ ornaments and all that jazz. They also have many people selling vintage style quirky jersey shirts, or tee-shirts at reasonable prices. It is a place worth visiting more than once!


In the S/S 11 catwalks flamboyant kimonos lead the way, with japanese prints and layered eclectic look. Here is some inspiration for you.

– five reasons to love the kimono:

1. It can have patterns, in spring, patterns are essential to give your look a bit more of that ZAAAP, just that and go wild with prints, florals, symetricals, we’ve got it all.

2. Make your look lighter and springier with a kimono, they are not heavy and are as light as a feather.It is all about layering – to make a texture, to see the peeks of colours. Yes and the kimono is plain perfect for a light layer!

3. They don’t just have to be short, they can be long and flowing too – to emphasise a tight pant/short and bralet if relevant.

4. If you’ve got a real good one – then it might have pockets, or (traditionally) bags to keep things in (under the arms – in the sleeves!) You never know when you might need to whip something out .

5. They don’t have to be just one material. You can wear a  draped romantic creme crochet kimono, or a daring fringed cropped one- with a tailored short. Anything is possible.

So get going, rumage around and see what you can find ( i found one of the besties) you would be surprised! :cD

Image 3 of ASOS Floral Printed KimonoImage 3 of ASOS Floral Printed KimonoImage 3 of ASOS Floral Printed KimonoImage 3 of ASOS Floral Printed KimonoImage 3 of ASOS Floral Printed KimonoImage 3 of ASOS Floral Printed KimonoImage 3 of ASOS Floral Printed KimonoImage 3 of ASOS Floral Printed KimonoImage 3 of ASOS Floral Printed KimonoImage 3 of ASOS Floral Printed KimonoImage 3 of ASOS Floral Printed KimonoImage 3 of ASOS Floral Printed KimonoImage 3 of ASOS Floral Printed KimonoImage 3 of ASOS Floral Printed Kimono

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