Topshop has a huga-huga sale…..victory dance, dance, dance!

So, I am going to Holland, Amsterdam for a blogging trip, just joking. I a going to Holland on a school trip for 6 days and on the last day we are having a partay! So I was browsing on topshop for a last minute dress and wadda ya know? There’s a extra-collosal sale, WHOOPIE DO DARR! Have a look at your sale Summer wardrobe——>

THE FESTIVAL DRESSMulti Strappy Gypsy Smock Dress ,worn with my Spitalfeilds bohemian pale pink flower wreath, hair pinned back, some suede cobalt blue slipper/shoes, gladiator metallic sandals and thin buttermilk knit cardi (though I left the cocktail bit out!)

Some more stuff–>

THE BEACH THROW-OVEREmbroidered Hem TunicEmbroidered dress: £15

THE STRIKER: Siren Fringe CapeFringed cape: £95 (ok, I no- it’s still a tonne load, but looks gogreous!)

THE HOTPANTCrochet ShortsCrochet Shortswhite, or brown crochet hotpant: brown from £36 to £15 and white from £36 to £20- (pretty darn good).

THE ORIENTAL Bonsai Print Tie Front ShirtBonsai print tie front shirt: from £35 to £20.

THE SIMPLE JERSY TOPVous Et Moi Tank‘Vous et moi’ tank: £10.

THE PRINTUsa Dungaree DressUSA print skirt dungaree: from £46 to £25 (why the hell does this always happen to me? I bought this a month, or two ago when it was £46 pounds…ger-rate.)

THE NONACHALANCE   Petite Stripe Baseball JacketPETEITE striped baseball jacket: from £30 to £15- (I love this, as it is also in petite!)

THE  MAXIMulti Watercolour Maxi SkirtMulti watercolour maxi skirt: (this is not on sale, but is really nice) £50.

One Response to “Topshop has a huga-huga sale…..victory dance, dance, dance!”
  1. vintagethrifter14 says:

    I saw you in my company mag and was just setting up my own on word press, hate the IT side of it but love fashion! Any tips?

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