Berlin Fashion week /11

<——–At Berlin fashion week street style is stealing the spotlight. Blogger, Miriam Kolbe channels the eclectic white look with the pre-autumn dolly bird style smock dress and crocheted embroidery. Wearing a cowboys/indians, or navaho style waistcoat and skinny belt  (to flatter her shape), a boy-girl bowler hat gives a touch of andrgoyny to the look.

<——-Sorry that the photo is tiny, but my comp isn’t great with copy and paste and wordpress is playing up…This is Anna Lena Klenke, a student in berlin. Having an unique, modern and laser cut style, she wears a patterned jersey top, with pre-autumn style tailored shorts, patterned tights and retro sunnies….


<—–Sorry again for the small ness, at least you know why now…..Fashion assisant: Jennie Marie Damm gives a skirt some ‘sheer’ edge and shows some leg with a simple, sexy slit that transforms the maxi into a way modern-ner skirt. She mixes neutral tones with rich shades and adds a statement shoe to finish off the look, as well as adding a feminine touch to the laid back look with tortoise shell sunnies and a hands free leather bag.
<——-Oh, HORAAARRR-working again……Style icon, photographer and member of the ‘RIO girls’ band, Bonnie Strange B is unmissable as she strolls down the streets of Berlin.Wearing the classic sexy little black dress, styled with some funky embellishment, rainbow nails, cat eyed sunnies, wedges and a wistful grin, Bonnie is certainly the striking type. Here (below) is another picture of Bonnie- she’s hard to miss!—->

<—–This is blogger: Magdelena Ilic, I wish I could read her blog, because I absoloutley ❤ her, but it’s in dutch (I think) so until my (at the moment non-existent) dutch becomes more ‘fluent’, I’ll have to just look at the piccys.You should check it out though: Hoard of trends. Anyway, looking retro feminine in ‘hell for cream/white’ all over. With cute (in fashion) scalloped hem high waisted shorts and a lace cut corseted bralet, to show a sexy appeal, the girly-ness is toned down with a boyfriend blazer. The child like pose, with the bull/pug dog (not sure which) on the lead, also coincedently in white, gives the picture composure and seems like a reflectant: gentle girl and fierce dog, the unusual companions….
<—————-With the ‘devil may care, but I’ll bring my telephone anyway’ look, Ashley Mauritzen, editor of ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ is one to watch.Her on trend neon-ish pale pink pleated skirt, with the simple black vest top is too 60’s pretty girl and is not enough for the daring lady. She toughens up her look with a gothic (abit like a tulle trim by Anne Sofie Back) sheer translucent embroidered blouse, giving a spark of edge and then adds an unusual telephone satchel and some retro sunnies to finish the look.
<—–Student, blogger and I have to say an exceptional photographer, Van Anh Li Thi strikes the androgynous (because of the boy-girl hat) type; with her petrol blue blazer- dressed down by casually rolled up sleeves, she’s bang on trend and has an artistic, modern style. She wears a simple short black skirt, with a studded bralet, for a touch of feminine, works the (pre-autumn) petrol blue coloured blazer and suede boots for a wintery look, with a dash of vintage inspired pink (the equivilent of brighton rock, TOPSHOP) lipstick to give some richer colour. Check out her awesome blog: chopstick panorama
                                                                                                                      Get inspired………..

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