Festival beauty tips: Nailed it…..

Nails have been such popular beauty this summer, festivals are filled with colourful toesies and nails flash glimpses of new designs! Sophy Robson takes spotlight as our high-style celebrity nail artist and rocks her talent in her salon (Kings Road, London)!

SelfridgesnailsSophy Robson Katy Perry NailsEllellogowithspot_opt
Great nails have:

-Punchy colours (pastels, neons, primary) that catch your eye and will show up where you are going. For example: neon for festivals and nature-y places, orange and yellow for shopping and basic black and white half moons for work. Be aware of your surroundings!

-Botanicals, fruitiness, words, stripes, spots are all good places to start.

– Lots of detail, usually a base colour and then some other layers of design.

Top summer colours?

Turquoise-y green, pastel yellow and a mix between orange, cherry pink and strawberry red.

Top 5 patterns/designs?

Stripes with spots, banana print, strawberries, my pastel abstract design and newspaper words.

How to survive with your hair

Day 1: You just washed your hair last night and lumped tonnes of conditioner in before blow drying it. This morning your hair is utterly smooth and not knotty at all.You freshen it up and wear it loose and let down, tousled for a nonchalant festival look.

Day 2: Your hair is starting to get quite knotty and more dry, but you can’t stop – so you clip it back for a gorgeously natural nymph look and tie a modern little light head tie round and secure it at the bottom.

Day 3: It’s all greasy, but don’t try something stupid and wet it out, show the boys how it’s done -plonk on the hair gel/wax and smooth back!

 Look for hair:

Tousles and beach waves rocked the runway this season, so don’t get shiny..keep this simple. How to do it: Wrap hair roughly around tongs, or after a hair wash, divide your hair into two bungs/plaits then leave them in over night and unpin in the morning…festival hair couldn’t get easier….

How to do your own designed nails:

Ophelia’s strawberry split:

What you need:

– Pink, or red nail polish.

– Green, or turqoise-y blue nail polish.

-Yellow or black nail polish.

– Some tissue, or wipes.

– Very sharp pencil which you don’t mind getting nail varnish on, or something you can make a dot with.

1. Use the pink, or red polish to do one coat of just that colour and wait for it to dry.

2. Then, use the green, or turquoise nail paint to carefully paint a zig-zag across the top of the nail to create the leaf..and fill in.

3. Pick up the sharp pencil (or what ever your using) and dip it into the pot of either black, or yellow. Then paint afew little dots on top of the pink, or red paint.

4. Repeat this on all your other fingers and even your toes if you want!

5. Using the wipes/tissue, clean any access nail polish. :J

Ophelia’s Pastel abstract

Important note: This nail design was created by mistake, so may not work and the instructions are a little vague, so be creative and use your own imagination to create a pattern and please do not feel distressed if you cannot recreate it.

What you need:

-An assortment of different nail polishes that will look good mixed up.

– Some tissue.

1. First paint a coat of yellow nail varnish only.

2. Once the yellow has dried, paint ragged lines with the various other colours and use the tissue to mi and dry them.

3. Clean any access nail polish. ;J

How to create your own nail polish colour:

What you need:

– Clear nail varnish, with nail varnish brush and in a nail varnish bottle.

– Newspaper (optional).

– Eye shadow, or any pigment make-up in the colour of your choice.

– A funnel.

– A sheet of paper.

– Re-sealable bag.

– Nail varnish remover (may be needed).

1. Put some newspaper down on the table, so it doesn’t get messy.

2. Crush the pigment make-up/ eyeshadow, so there are absoloutley no bumps, or lumps and then put it into the reealable bag and seal it.

3. Open the nail varnish bottle and place then funnel on the top of the nail varnish bottle, with the sheet,or scrap of paper between the funnel and bottle.

4. Pour the pigment make-up/eyeshadow out of the resealable bag and into the funnel. Remove the paper and let the pigment make-up/eye shadow go into the nail varnish bottle.

5. For approx. 2 minutes, shake the bottle until the pigment make-up/eyeshadow is fully within the varnish and is coloured completley.

6. Put in a few drops of nail varnish remover if the mixture is too thick.

7. Done! Pretty easy, huh?

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