Boutique spotlight: Urban Outfitters

Apart from the outrageous prices and the fact that you are not allowed to take photos in the  boutique, with it’s fresh and appealing name, Urban Outfitters has really caught my eye. I was down in Brighton shopping, though I only bought two things (one of which I  myself didn’t actually buy, so I’m not sure you could classify it as shopping) and I (even though I knew my mum would never let me buy anything from there) had a look in Urban Outfitters. As I entered the huge, tall-ceilinged room I was immediatley greeted by several pieces that caught my eye. The size of the room was rather daunting, though I think it is better to have big stores for large boutiques such as TOPSHOP, or its-elf, because of the immense amount of clothes they have in stock- I can’t stand tiny topshop stores- I just don’t see the point- they hold about (let me think..) 1/ 50 of the actual clothes topshop have, it’s pointless.

Anyway, it’s really cosy: there are couches (which are vere useful as shopping is exhausting) and books (to read while you are exhausted) which you can read and buy, CDs and simply random thingy-ma-jiggy-bobbys. The clothes are hung and placed awesomely and artisticly and the feel of the whole store is so reasurring! The changing rooms are really spacious,with huge mirrors and an actual bench to sit on. Plus the actual clothes are awesome! The style is so original- comfy and dark: when I think of U.O (Urban Outfitters) I think of maroon, petrol blue and not just wintery shades, quirky tops and an effortlessly unique style. Festival-y, but less usual festival- more itself. One thing I love is that they have brothel creepers: suede blue, leather white and simple black- they are on escpecially made shelves!!!! And one of my favourite pieces are these velvet scarlett/burgandy coloured brouge-type lace up shoes…which are just freshly statement-ous—–>-

Kimchi & Blue Burgundy Velvet Lace-Up Shoes                                                                           Underground Shoes Blue Suede CreepersUnderground Shoes Black Suede CreepersUnderground Shoes White Leather CreepersUnderground Shoes Ponyskin Creepers

You can click on the photos to enlarge them. See more on their website: Urban outfitters

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