We’re going underground….

My first thought when I saw brothel creepers (the same thought as when I saw both brogues and moccasins) was YUK. Pure disgusting yuk. Who would want to wear clunky, clumsy, ugly-fat soled, man-looking shoes….? Though like both brogues and moccasins, I have learned to love them. After seeing Ashish’s uniqe scribbly black and white studded creeper, as well as Suzie Bubble’s awesome creepers which she doodled on ,the brothel creeper’s more creative (and less vulgar-looking) side began to show. After I saw Urban Outfitters experimenting-ly sublime leather and suede brothel creepers in rich colours, as well as Suzie Bubble’s fabulous post on Creepers (you have to scrool down for a while before you find the post on ‘Creeping Florals’) I was truley inspired! Trying for a less young, adolescent look (on her Ashish leather studded and doodled on creeper), Suzie Bubble used her style and creativity expertise skills to D.I.Y her own pattern onto the creepers and chose to ‘sharpie-on’ a more traditional (+ sophisticated) pattern of  a William Morris floral motif, which she had featured in previous blogs! Convieniently the creepers matched with her Christiphor Kane A/W 10 blazer -which had similair traditional floral embroidery up the arms and  turned out very well! Wear them with an ankle grazer (or 7/8 trousers) and the socks slightly pulled up (experiment with different shades and lengths of socks), or pulled up completley with a bright colour popping loose bodycon skirt- there is really alot you can do with them! So creepers have really caught the spotlight- loved by all: ASOS, Topshop (scroll down), U.O , they are really her to stay.


Underground Shoes White Leather CreepersUnderground Shoes Blue Suede CreepersUnderground Shoes Ponyskin CreepersUnderground Shoes Black Suede CreepersKARMA Red Suede Lace Up Brothel Creepers Exclusive Underground CreepersExclusive Underground Creepers

4 Responses to “We’re going underground….”
  1. what do you think of the new topshop gold creepers?


    I was going to get the white leather ones, but after I saw the gold, I just had to have the gold! They look pinky gold in the flesh!

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