There’s just something about Winter coats…

I dunno ’bout you, but I am going crazy for winter coats! Ok, for Topshop winter coats in particular. I find that topshop have specific months that are best for one type of clothing, for instance in spring (around May and April, or even for the first few days of June) when ‘Graduation, Swedish Summer, Snake Valley and Nomad’ were the trends shorts were really statement and pure awesome. But now, their coats are just the best! Though I didn’t really notice, I have found that I am really into coats. So here are my top six!

Painted Flower Biker Jacket<——-From Topshop, £85. Hand painted, faux leather, perfect for riding on my Dad’s motorbike in style and in my size, I am absolutely head over heels for this coat! I love the intricate flower designs (quite similair to the Christopher Kane’s A/W 10 jacket designs) over the cuffs and on the fold-out-bit that makes the jacket a mix of modern and folk, though the black, tightness and zip gives it a sexy touch 😉

Red Faux Leather Sleeve Wool Bomber Jacket<——-From Topshop, red faux leather sleeve wool bomber jacket (£58). Yes, that is a rather big number, but I suppose most nice things come with a price to pay. This jacket is slowly (and rightly) creeping away from Spring/Summer’s varasity look and giving a twist on the baseball jacket, by striking the bang on trend teddy-boy mod look with leather. Wear with Autumn’s ankle grazers, brothel creepers and a sheer shirt, for a touch of feminine.

Stone PU Sleeve Belted Trench<—–Topshop belted trench coat £85. I know this totally would definatley not fit me in anyway, because of it’s midi size and my rather smallness, but I just love it. I think it is (extremely similair, or a) piece from Spring’s ‘graduation look’. The leather texture gives it a tough edge, though the black and white color blocking makes it sexy and playful. Wear with a cream skirt just above the knee, camel coloured striped shirt, with a black and white satchel and rich red lips.

Leopard Print Vintage Faux Fur Coat<—–Vintage leopard print faux fur coat, Topshop £98. Translating to A/W 11’s faux fur and vintage trends, this coat is really quite striking. Feminine, not too bulky and easy to wear; with: an effortlessly sleek dress above the knee (I would keep things simple and go for a sexy black), belt, a hands free bag and a dash of ladylike lip.

Shiny Plastic Rain Mac<—-Shiny plastic rain mac, Topshop £49. I don’t know why I like this so much and suppose you could buy something that looks almost exactly the same as this, but at somewhere much cheaper, though something has drawn me to it- it feels new ; and isn’t (that one of the many things) that fashion is about- bringing something new to the floor, creating a piece of clothing that is not only magnificent, but will draw attention? So, on to why I actually like it so much. Well, it’s quirky and kooky, one of my favourite colours and totally childish- which I am! It just has a really feel good look and turns out to be rather useful in the rain! :J

Khaki Double Buckle Cape<—-And finally, (this isn’t really a coat, but) since I saw the camel capes from A/W 10 billowing down the catwalk,  I have always wanted a cape- they are really very interesting. They remind me of little red riding hood, they’re folk-ish and fairy-tail-y; I used to (and still do, though very rarely) make capes out of midi skirts…my sister’s character skirt and her pleated school skirt too. This Khaki double buckle cape, from Topshop £85 is quite prim looking and is also a change from coats!

So, which is your favourite?

    The picture (at the top) is of these paper figures which I drew. There are two women wearing the same coat, one is fairytale, one is urban.

2 Responses to “There’s just something about Winter coats…”
  1. Jo says:

    Great post, I love all the coats on here!
    Quick question about the faux leather/floral one at the top – I haven’t seen this on the Topshop website before and now it says it’s out of stock 😦
    Did it sell out super quick? Like within 24hours? I’m sure it wasn’t online on Friday when I was actually looking to buy a coat.

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