I just wanna say…

SORRY! For neglecting my blog for so long (if anybody’s actually out there reading it!) I just started secondary school and I am utterly busy- I don’t think I have one break, or lunch time in the week that is free, some of my clubs and rehersals even clash (i.e swimming squad and chamber music). Not to mention when I get home (usually exhuasted) and ready to hit the beddie-bize I have to endure my ever-so-large amount of homework, plus music practice (I play two instruments), blogging, eating, oh, yea- dance (tap, ballet street dance dotted around) and of course the most important (though the one I get the least of)…sleep! So just wanted to tell you guys, I am still doing my blog, I haven’t failed…yet 🙂 But do not fear, I am sure I can slot some time in…maybe, hopefully…no comment. Though there is a blog coming up, so hang in there!

‘THat GiRl’


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