Taking a break from style, fashion E.T.C…probably one of the most historic 1st of September’s ever!

Taking a break from fashion, style and all that jazz: My first day of secondary school, what can I say about it? Going from year six to year seven is a huge leap. You have different teachers for each lesson, you have tonnes more homework (which is gonna make it hard for me to find time to blog) and so on and so on. In year six and in the past years at school, the kids would play games in the playground (though me and my friends just hung out) but in secondary school everyone is just standing around chatting, walking through the corridoors and being cool- there isn’t a playground. So, me and my (new) friends were quite lost for things to do- ย I wanted to hang out on the fields, but apparently you weren’t allowed, any ideas? Anyway, here’s my day- it turned out to be (besides the boring-ness) good:

I wasn’t very nervous in the morning- my sister goes to the school and I knew most of the teachers, as well as my way around the huge (Hogwarts-like place, the teachers even wear capes..ahaaa). So I woke up, got dressed in the simple black (and white) monochrome uniform, before grabbing some cereal, which I didn’t quite finish and heading out the door with my sister. When I arrived at school there was already a gathering of newbies in their little cliques, chatting quietly. We were shortly lead up to our form classes, where we were registered and told some random information. Most of our classes, we were told were in our form rooms, with the teachers coming to us, though in the rare occasion of moving classroom, the sixth formers were particulary friendly in the coridoors and asked if we new where we were going, or if we were enjoying our day. Our tour around the most important places in the school was very boring as I already knew all of the places and was able to finish the teacher’s sentences (most of the time anyway), though the most interesting part of the day was probably lunch! The food is so nice there, although the jellies for pudding are quite small ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I chose to go to the pasta bar an had some sort of tomato pasta, with a red coloured wobbly jellie ๐Ÿ˜€ After a very short science lessson, the day was over and most of the teens from the school all ran to the bus-stop, where pretty much all of them would be catching the 185 home- so the bus drivers have quite a hard time trying to see if all the kids have oyster cards, whilst they were all trying to clambour on (including me).

This year I decided to make a good impression and go to school stylish-ly ๐Ÿ™‚ Firstly, my awesome friend Sadie (see her Dad’s blog: here, or her mum’s blog here) had a party where we made these fox pencil case- thingys, with this ultra- soft faux fur- it is the only thing I can fit all my geometry, scissors, staplers and all in, so it is obviously very handy! It is very interesting and i often find myself stroking it in lessons. Then we come to ย shoes…I was not really sure what to wear on my feet for school…obviously sturdy black leather shoes, with no coloured stichting, or heel. And then the idea hit me (well, not really, I had known for a while): BROUGUES! There are sturdy (apart from the fact that I fell down the hill today and badly grazed my knee), stylish and I can wear them outside of school! ‘Perfecto’ as Mr. Johnston (my Spanish teacher) always says! ๐Ÿ˜€ happy schooling ….

3 Responses to “Taking a break from style, fashion E.T.C…probably one of the most historic 1st of September’s ever!”
  1. Amy says:

    Hey uhm, Olivia. I go to Sydenham Girls and you get the 185 so we are obviously close. What school do you go to?

  2. Amy says:

    Auto correct. Sorry!

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