Boy, do I wanna go THERE?!? …..yes

Carsten Höller was born in 1961 in Brussels, Belgium, to German parents. He studied agricultural entomology at the University of Kiel where he received his doctorate in 1988. By the 1990s, he began to make artworks and eventually abandoned science as profession to pursue a career as an artist. His work was the subject of solo exhibitions at a number of international institutions including the Moderna Museet in Sweden (1999); Fondazione Prada in Milan (2000); MASS MoCA (2006); Kunsthaus Bregenz in Austria (2008), and the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin (2010). Höller lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden!

…He has now designed an exhibition in New York’s ‘New Museum’, called the:

Carston Höller 

This spectaclar exhibition involves the fun and play of his fantasy world, only UNTIL january 15th -boy I wish I lived in NY now 😦 As you enter the you enter the artists alice-in-wonderland-but-less-fantasy-more-random experience, you’re engulfed in a blur of art and play, much emphaised by the huge metal slide that spirals down the middle of the exhibition space! You may find this ‘slide’ familiar- Carston was the master behind the uber- awesome slides that graced the TATE Modern only a few years (or months?) ago.

As you probably will know from seeing his work in the TATE, if you are very smart, by reading this post (or even by going to the Hayward Gallery- Southbank) you will know that (like several other artists for that matter) Carston Höller is no ordinary artist. Saying this in the nicest way possible and trying to to ‘diss’ any artits: his work isnt like some normal art or whatever old thing, it’s fresh, new and radical…the modern sort of art you see in the Hayward Gallery that not only  involves artistic elements to the creation, but meaning- some sort of phsycological, or physical sensation like Carston has. Originally wanting to be a scientist, he’s often inspired by experiments, discoveries and feelings- this exhibition was arranged to transform the veiwers experience of time and space. Anyway, his stuff seems to be  really interactive and fun+ I couldnt think of a better way to zoom through an exhibiton, than by slide!

 Above are a few pictures of the exhibition. Several bits and pieces that will get you excited are the Giant Phsyco Tank, which is a sensory deprivation pool (dunno what the hell that is, but it sounds cool) – veiwers are invited to float in the pool and focus on the peaceful experience, as seen in the collage below! There is a moving ‘Mirror Carousel’, with swings on it, that although is emphasising movement also gives you time to reflect as you drift around the mirrors. Höller’s giant mushrooms are on display and there are is also a room with what looks like coloured rubber animals in it- but I dont want to give too much away!
Goodbye for now!
P.S sorry that I compied this (above-collage) picture of Topshop, but I really wanted the top left hand corner one!

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