A bit about some uber- aweosme people…

Celebritys: what could I say about celebritys- most are plastic, set up and irritating; however, some arent- here are some I like: Eliza Doolittle, Elle Fanning, Chloe Moretz…and some (lets just say) I don’t like so much: Paris Hilton or Miley Cyrus. Though I’m not that fussed about the people I don’t like- it’s all about the people I like 🙂 Firstly, Eliza Doolittle: eccentric dresser, utterly unique singer and just generally uber- awesome. Her songs arent sexual (like say Lady Gaga or Katy Perry), dont include the same phrases: “Get on the dance floor, pump that music, put your hands/drinks up” and are genuinely really good (not autotuned, interesting lyrics e.t.c). Next is Elle Fanning: she may still be a teenager and you would think it is hard for her living in the shadow of her talented sister Dakota, but no, it’s not like that at all; although her parents live in Hollywood, life’s not at all like the kardashians. She’s completley brat-free: curious, but confident, sophisticated but infantine, creative but classical- she’s already a hit with several designers and is a known fashion icon/muse who stuns her fans with her utterly fearless style on a day to day basis. Elle’s already impressed in Super 8 + movies to come…And lastly is Chloe Moretz, the 13 year old girl behind the mask who kicked ass in (quite blatantley) “Kick Ass”, the one who scared our socks off in “Let Me In”, laughed with us in “500 days of summer” and will show u show it’s done in Hugo (coming out this year). She is true example of young talent set free- doesn’t try too hard, is herself and doesn’t let fame get to her- she’s an inspiration to all of us! 🙂

2 Responses to “A bit about some uber- aweosme people…”
  1. Nathaniel Lumingo says:

    I like this opi well done xxx

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