All I want for xmas is ma too front teeth! :I

Sooo…omigosh it’s nearly christmas and  I expect all you little people will be writing out your lists to Santa…in my case: “oui et non”. So usually my list is vague -if there is one; “something cool, ya know”, but this year my list is (and I can’t help saying the ‘L’ word here…) ‘lyk’ so MEGA- huge…and just my luck…this happens to be the year that we (meaning my family) are: ‘Je ne pas de l’argent’…(hopefully) meaning we are not spending much this xmas 😦 WhhOOPPEE DO DAA- well that really corresponds with my arrangements for prezzies doesn’t it…so I’ve  had to make a few small *cough cough* HUGE changes and it looks like I’m gonna have to cut down to 2 or three things, but HOW? Below is the final list of the things I *was* hoping for..:”(

-Sockies from asos: metallic/striped and all over the knee (to be worn with high-waisted shorts!)

-Eliza Doolittle pink/grey ‘DOO IT’ crop top

-Asos pink/white colour block sunnies

– Runway D.I.Y flower power sunnies kit

– Topshop Petite grey marl hoodie

-Rainbow braces from topshop 🙂

Do think this is a good list( what do you think)…perhaps too Summery- maybe I should’ve opted for a pair of really nice Underground Creepers (royal blue or black obviously)? Anyway, I *was* looking for things this christmas that are quirky, different and bright: I am thinking neon, chunky knits,  pom poms and different textures because they are excitig and very out of my usual realms (i.e the simple cute tie top e.t.c).- Think Susie bubble, Elle Fanning and Jackie Lee…or designers such as Louise Gray and Meadham Kirchoff!  I *was* also hoping to invest in some vintage, as my friend Rocio is the master of ‘has been and always is’, so has inspired my to go retro! 😀 So really this christmas I am aiming for statement: some novelty knits,TONNES of neon, indie stuff, quirky peices, but doesn’t mean I’m gonna get- even now I’m making last minute changes in my head: regretting asking for this, or maybe i should have got that, or even “I shouldn’t have given up on that gorgeous Simone Rocha dress no-one liked” :/ But really…who cares if I cant have it (ok, well I care bit)Christmas is really another excuse for giving prezzies (as much as I love it) and anyway- I’ve gotta bit of money up my sleeve- it’s not the end of the world….OR IS IT? 😛 ….

AND on that happy note, here’s a ‘put-together-ing-of’ (not neceserilly what I’ve asked for for xmas, but) what I really want…so enough talking…here it is!!!

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