I realised several things when I took my journey to Spitalfeilds today…One: I cannot run in brothel creepers, two: Urban Outfitters is my new style obsession, three: I desperately need a pair of ‘weejuns’ (loafers basically) and finally, four: I am going to get into vintage!  So from the beginning…my mum and I trudged through the London mud and waited at the bus stop at the bottom of my street in the chilly winter air until the bus pulled up and we eagerly hopped on to get a seat. But we soon go off (at forest hill) to get the train to Shoreditch High street, where we headed to Spitalfeilds (though we got caught in the rain) so sneakily dived under cover in Urban Outfitters and were greeted by (can’t think of the word to say)….just utterly awesome clothes! 😀 Although everything is unbelievebly expensive, I couldn’t help but to grab a few pieces- so could my mum-HOUSE OF HOLLAND screamed ‘BUY ME, BUY ME!’ In my face…so I couldn’t resist but to try on a few! I saw the most mind-blastatingly cool fluorescent/neon pink satchel that was £70 and I wish I could rip it off it’s stand…whilst looking around I tried to snap pictures of things I liked, but it was kinda a fail…so I decided to take some  pictures in the changing rooms (which were extremely appealing I must say 🙂

We saw lots of statement pieces: metal lion shaped collar, awesome printed navy bomber jacket e.t.c …..Surprisingly, I fell in love with this absolutley !nd!3 as-hell jumpa, which I’d just plucked off a shelf from what seemed like the ‘renewale section’ or something, though i was not sure about it until I just took a chance and wipped out my last notes and bought it+ as well as a gorgeous lipstick called ‘coral-iscious’…which really suits me 🙂 My Dad says I look like a grunge-godess in my jumper, grey leggings (with tiny-bits-of-fleckled-bits-of-lurex-which-you-can’t-really-see), converse, with checked insides, hanging doorknocker earrings and orange lips!  Anyway…we ventured on, stopping off at ‘Movenpick’- the ice cream shop, where I shared a raspberry sorbet with my mother as we strolled around. I saw some really cool necklaces that I would have bought if I hadn’t spent all my money, but yea…’ya win some, ya lose some’-

But time went so fast and soon we were heading home…on the way back we stopped off at ‘Blondie’: a great vintage shop on the high-street. It’s lined with tonnes and tonnes of shoes- different colours and practically every size…and best of all…it’s ALLLLLLLL VINATGE! I saw the cutest pair ‘weejuns’ (basically loafers) with a not-too-big heel- in coffee colour and with a tiny striped sache over the front (hard to explain but totally charming!) Anyway: the day was really fun and I REAAALLLYYY hope there will be more shopping trips like that- see ya soon! *Below are some piccys- click them to see them in big…and sorry they’re not very good- I took them on my phone!*

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  1. Tom says:

    Cool stuf….

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