The Official Blurb: THIS is me

Hey, I’m Ophelia, I’m 12 and I blog. Some people are seriously lucky. They have a knack to stand out in the crowd like a (eye-)candy in a bunch of fruit- they are seen and people admire their style, soon people follow their blogs (or whatever)- They’re asked to feature in a magazine and get to wear clothes they’d die for…then a company comes up and say they want to sell one of their tee-shirt designers, though the person hadn’t even reached out for attention. All of a sudden they’re a world-wide fashion icon, who’s forgotten what it’s like to be a the bottom of the food chain. I can’t tell you what it’s like to be a model for Rodarte, I’m not a blogger who’s been blogging all their life, I don’t know any major desingers and I’ve never been on the front page, or even in a magazine.I am simply me. But who is me? Some random girl blogging to an imagimary audience- no-one even knows who I am- Well, apart from the eyes there have been no pictures of me up on my blog, but alas-no more…coming up is the first picture of the year- me! Since I’m allowed to post pictures of me up, I’ll be posting many more beauty/style tutorials e.t.c, vids/photos and will also have the ‘What.She.Wore’ page (where I’ll post ‘my look’ as many times I can a week- though in school term that’s only gonna be about twice)- It’d be great if you could have a look at that! So I suppose I should give you a few facts about me…? There’s so much- I don’t know what to say…ok, I’ll begin from the start and try make things as interesting as possible.

Where were you born? I was born in the top bedroom of 100 Frien Road, London (where we stayed until I was about 2 years old…I think?

How old are you? I’m 12 and growin fast!

Hobbies? I play cello, flute and sing- I’m a music scholar at my school (my mum’s a singer, Dad’s a visual effects producer.) I love art (I’m an art scholar too) and photography (I won the school photography comp.- me boasting sorry guys)- though my camera is on A.W.O.L at the moment! 😦 Me and my sister love making movies on the ipods and then uploading them to iMovie for editing- we’ve done some catwalks! That’s preety much it I think….Oh, no there’s also dance- mysister was in a street dance crew- I love sport (escpecially netball and swimmin’)!

Who are your style icons? Elle Fanning, Eliza Doolittle and Chloe Moretz (if you wanna know why then click here)- I know everyone digs Alexa (Chung) but I think she’s without…

Favourite Bloggers? Susie Bubble for fearless-ness, charisma and utter genius, Pauline (blog) for her arty-tarty and originality and Tavi Genison– she’s just so out there and I’m hooked on ROOKIE MAG (the site!)

Sum Up Your Style? I absolutley hate this question to bits- I don’t know… at the moment I like cute/quirky pieces: really into baggy jumpers (mostly colourful), love a bit of vintage and just set my heart on anything I fancie really- it’s all about the moment!

Why Did you Start Your Blog? Well I’d never really thought to start a blog (did I know they existed?): I loved fashion, was 11 and spent half my time on the topshop website doting over pieces I couldn’t have- (so after seeing my sister’s friends vintage clothing blog on wordpress)…I decided to start my own blog! I would post clothes I liked- talk about them and say if they’re in style…but it didn’t really turn out like that- I don’t even do that much anymore..I’m thinking of ways to make my blog more interesting- any ideas? (Post in the comments below!)

Have you ever done any fashion buisness stuff? I’ve been a model for coca cola three times and I’ve modelled for some random Ford billboard in Russia e.t.c but not much else- I’m too small to be a catwalk model (when older), but I hope to one day do a little modelling for Topshop, asos or something like that! My mum’s friend has a friend who has a friend called Mikey who knows Susie Bubble- so I’m trying to get them to hook me up!

What Do You Wanna Be When Your Older? Well, definatley something to do with fashion- whether it’s a fashion photographer, stylist, desingner (I’ve started my first collection) or something- I will keep on with my blog and hopefully then it will be even more interesting than it is now…with many insights into my fashion dork life and mind!

Favourite Shops? I have been obsessing with TOPSHOP for the past two years, but I’ve quite recently taken a huge liking to Urban Outifitters- I love ASOS and adore their monthly magazine (<3 <3) Though I’m really trying to get into Vintage and otta my comfort zone. I enjoy the odd trip to Spitalfeilds (where there’s the cute-vintage-shoes shop: Blondie), Brick Lane (Rockit) and around there…Cenci is a really nice vintage shop in Streatham- the staff are helpful and always help me find just the right piece in my size! London is a great place for shopping (ful of hidden gems) but I’d love to go to places like New York or Paris to simply venture around and scout for style!

Earliest Fashion Memory? My mum had some gorgeous dresses- I would always try them on as little kid  and flounce around piling all her necklaces one on the other- to be honest I was preety proud of myself!

Favourite Piece in Your Wardrobe? At the moment I absolutley love my (underground) brothel creepers- I was going to ask for them for xmas, but my parents said they were too expensive…and then ended up deciding to buy them for me?!? I think the chunky heel is immense (gives it so much character) and the black and white cheetah pattern next to the suede makes it so versatile- I’m so proud I’ve got the guts to wear them! Some of my other favourites are my asos round colour block sunnies and asos emerald clip on doorknocker earings…though I love my two baggy jumpers (one from topshop and one from urban outfitters!)

Favorite Designers…upcoming or classic? Hmmm…I love designers who aren’t afraid- or who  bring something new ‘to the floor’- they should make you excited when your sitting in the front row waiting for the models to come strutting on (not that I’ve ever had the chance to.) Simone Rocha is one of my favorites: she certainly has the talent of her father and I am saving up to buy her peach/neon netted sleeve shirt that’s on sale in Topshop- I loved that show, it was so sleek! Louise Gray and Meadham Kirchoff are so creative and inspiring…but there are so many good designers, I couldn’t remember them all!

Lets talk beauty? As a kid I’d always loved makeup- I used to use my ‘Baby Borns’ to practice nails, eye shadow e.t.c and always tried to sneak some of my mums makeup, but at 8 or 9 I kinda went off it- I was sick of being a girly-girl. Also my sister had/has a phobia of masks and some makeup  gives her rashes, so she hates it- she wouldn’t hug me if I had a face paint on.Though recently I’ve kinda got back into it: I have a few topshop kohl eyeliners, but I have small eyes and can’t get them above my eyelashes- so can only use them inside the underneath of my eyes, or smudged on top. That’s why I’m gonna try using liquid liner- as a few of my friends have recomended it. *Nails for me are a must* and With lips, I suit coral or red (though my mum prefers me wearing coral)- I love topshop’s COY colour, but my lips are too dark so  it looks wrong.I wish I had paelr lips: then I’d suit light quirky colours as well as rich coras and reds…I don’t wear any foundation at all and I don’t wear that much makeup- at school nearly all the year 9 girls wear makeup…they look like plastic malibu barbies, but phoney-er- I hate that look. Natural’s best. Kay Montano is a great makeup artist- very quirky! I don’t know many others, but am trying to delve into it a bit more!

Why ‘Who’s That Girl?’ To be honest I’m not really sure. I was going for a mysterious kind of ‘Well, who is she?’ or ‘Whos’ that Girl? Wow she’s cool?’ Thing since I wasn’t allowed to post pictures? But now I am so…I’m not sure if I’m gonna kep the name or not…? Comment with suggestions if you want!

So That’s it….Here’s the photo! *Look on the ‘What. She.Wore’ page to see my whole outift*

10 Responses to “The Official Blurb: THIS is me”
  1. Cricket says:

    Great blog opi, it progressed ver nicely and through the middle to the end I was very interested and had to keep reading 😉 I liked how you talked about where you where born, very nice touch. xo

  2. Cricket says:

    Also I would love to see a few pics of you fav photography (arty stuff) that you have done. Maybe some that isn’t fashion related as well to keep the creative types other avenues to keep them enthralled 😉 x

  3. Nathaniel Lumingo says:

    Wow x

  4. Raquel says:

    this is absolutely amazing opi ❤ xxxxxxx

  5. surfdudes says:

    THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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