There’s not only one way to NAIL IT!

You know what I’m sick of? That’s right: perfect nails! I’ve always been preety crap at nails- I’m sick of trying to get it perfect and then strugglin’ to clean the edges (though I just get annoyed at myself, so give up). There mut be an easier way to do nails…and after a bit of light investigaion 😉 I realised there really is- listen carefully and soon you’ll been marginally better at painting nails! Ok, so there are two different ways of avoiding the usual nail painting:

1. Being extremely artistic and buliding up layers of colours by simply dabbing on on whatever colour and seeing how things turn out (fun, but not always that effective!)

2. My (new and improved..?) way…basically: you paint the polish onto a cotton, circular pad/tissue thing, then quickly dab the colour onto your nails…yes, you get most of the nail varnish not on, but around the nail- despite this: you can produce a really gorgeous, watery sort of shimmery texture and look instead of the usual opaque perfect-nail. Antoher benefit of this method of nail painting (or should I say dabbing) is that you can wonderfully mix colors and achieve just the shade you want by simply painting another colour onto the tissue/pad and dabbing that over the top!

I tried it on my nails, mixing a Rimmel sort of ‘sea-blue’ with a Topshop sort of ‘teal’ colour (I’m not good with names)…and I think the final result was preety good…(though sorry the piccy really sucks- I’ve lost my camera)? Have a look and tell me what you think in the comments 🙂    …..and if my way doesn’t suit you then you can always check out my uber- awesome friend Donna’s nail painting tutorials and blogs!

One Response to “There’s not only one way to NAIL IT!”
  1. i might use that cos i am TERRIBLE at putting nail varnish on neatly!!! 🙂

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