Contradicting myself- i know) but these nails were too cool!

So, basically my last blog was about nails not being perfect and all that jazz, but I guess what Imma ’bout to show you sorta counter acts that-anyway you’re just gonna have to deal with it (ohh, that sounds mean!) So I went to my cool-dude-friend Cassie’s house and she  told me bout these real-cool japanese nail sticker thingys thay she got for xmas…so we thought we’d have a go…NOTE: I would do a video blog, but you have to pay an extra £60 each year for that upgrade and as my blog isn’t full-time or pro(fessinal) neither me or my parents are really willing to pay that at the moment, yea, so just sit-tight till I get a youtube account…Anyway here’s some tips e.t.c on what to do:

1. Chose your nail design, from the little logs and have a parent slice as many as you chose- using a razor so that they’re extremely thin, therefore are eay to apply to the nail—>

b) chose your nail design

a) 'The Logs'

b) chose your nail design

=the cut designs.


2. Paint your nails any colours you chose and when they are ever-so-nearly dry get a friend to dab some nail glue onto your nail and then place the nail design carefully on top.

a) chose your nail colour

b) paint your nails, dab on the glue and place the design(s) over!



3. Leave a few minutes before painting on a clear top coat…then wait for it to dry and viola! Quirky nails alla japanese cute-ness est served!

' the see-through clear nail-firm-en-er'

finished products

finished products

finished products

So actually LIKE this post if you LIKE it! And RATE IT 🙂 And if you find me even MARGINALLY INTERESTING then SUBSCRIBE 😀 AND YOU’LL BE MARGINALLY UBER-COOL!

3 Responses to “Contradicting myself- i know) but these nails were too cool!”
  1. Nathaniel Lumingo says:

    Brilliant Ophelia x

  2. I love them! Do you know where you can get them? 🙂

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