It’s kind-of a depressing story :'( at the end of the year.

So attempted *NOTE: attempted* a video-blog rant thing on just new year, my blogs succesion (or shall I saw un-succesion?) and how fashion has affected me over the past year, so it was pretty deep…but as it progressed my Dad stormed in laughing/yelping/generally being annoying and loud- with my little sister on his shoulders, ruining my video- and as I was in an emotional state (due to various reasons ((some which are unexplainable)): I won’t be able to blog at all basically whilst school’s on, LIFE is down in the poos at the moment (I’m exagerrating) , I can’t find my camera ((therefore cannot even take any fashion-or-artistic-but sad- pictures for this blog to lighten it up ((though I managed to))) which is killing me)) the fact that Tavi Genison is so utterly amazing ((how can I ever be as utterly amazing, intriguing e.t.c for a million years and back as her? e.t.c))) So basically it all ended in lots of shouting, tears and me sitting in my room right now trying to make myself fell any better by indulging in style-ee stuff, chatting on facebook and so on. I don’t think I’m going to be doing a video blog for a while. But then my wise and inspirational sister told me to stop weeping and being a sob-story, gave me some really great advice and cheered me up. Now i just have to say sorry to Dad and Mum (for being a poo and also accidently smashing a photo-frame ((not in my rage)))…yea, so -Phew, I’m done with the explanitory story. Anyway, I’ve decided to try and explain or whatever…do my talk thing in words (typing/writing/what ever you want to call it)…*sniff sniff, weep weep* So, here we go…sorry if you didn’t understand a word of the previous paragraph.

“I know New Year was a few days ago or whatever, but I really haven’t done my new year’s resolutions and I feel that’s something really important that I should invest my time in or like, give it some thought…So, I’m gonna rant a bit about it if it doesn’t bore you too much and I hope even though this isn’t a video blog (so isn’t as interactive e.t.c) you still feel intitled (does that make sense?) to keep listening/reading. So, one of the things I’m gonna try and do is sort of make dressing in the morning (obviously not school days) much more interesting than it is already: I mean, I pick quite statement pieces- nothing that’ll sink into a crowd and make me an un-noticed shadow- but yet I still don’t feel like there’s that cherry-on-top, you know? Like the huge, over-sized pale pink bow Tavi Genison Wears on her head, or the Huge heeled candy boots Susie Bubble wears with her floaty skirt and quirky, layering dress or something- you know, or the silk/velvet vintage thrifted turban-the outrageous or eye-catching piece of clothing that no-one else has, you know…I’m sure I have something like that in my wardrobe: my little sister has all those quirky, cute things that you dress up in- I like the kind of dress-up look….not exactly dressed up, but fantastical. I’m going to try make dressing funner by thinking of or creating a character each time I dress and by trying to dress like they would. I’ve tried it and it always makes my outfits so much more effective.

My second resolution is to make (fashion) D.I.Y S way more than I do, because there are so many, easy to do make-your-own kind of things (I don’t want to use the term: D.I.Y yet again) and I just don’t do them- so I’m going to really try- Runway D.I.Y is one of my favourite blogs that has really easy to do D.I.YS in simple, clear steps….I am seriously keen to D.I.Y loads of different collars: I love the Mui Mui’s canary pointed collars with reclining naked women on them-Oh-So ultra-edgy cool: artistic, cute-sey and just so darn perfect…that’s the cherry on top. I really want to make a creepy collar, with google-y eye skulls and a sort-of brownie scout candy collar…real quirky.

Lastly, I really am keen to sort of leap out of my realms here. I quite like to stay within my comfort zone…and it’s really important for me to be fearless (I’ll try to anyway)…also to try out new pieces; I haven’t really thought about the kind-of androginous fresh white shirt, with some kind-of collar look that I’m gonna try once I’ve D.I.Y ed my collars *wink wink*! Although I only have £70 to buy stuff now (which is basically alla nine in the fashun world), I’m really want one of those luxe bomber jackets that are in now, maybe with a twist-…vintage? Navy and with a subtle (but intricate print). I know i don’t have my ears pierced, but I’d love an ear-cuff: those things that clip to the top of your ear and then hang down to wear the stud is (I’m Looking for STATEMENT jewlerry)….I’d like some cool leggings, perhaps velvet, wet leather with a mesh panel or animal print too! And yes, I’ve been going on and on and on about collar detail: collar tips are a little detail, but especially effective- I’m loving those collar clip things if you know what I mean…um, there was a gorgeous golden one with a lion on it that clipped to a denim top in Urban Outfitters. Then there’s always just the usual collar with a cute little motif or something that always works in my book. Oh, yes- I’m obsessed *Officially* with sunglasses (or normal reading glasses for that matter)- it seems that all those sort of genius fashion people have glasses: Tavi (sorry I keep going on about her) with her cute granny glasses, or Karl with his classic black lenses, Susie (her too) probably has a milllion trendy glasses…they make me feel powerful and WAY MORE confident- So I might D.I.Y myself afew cute-sey pairs! So…nearly finished…I think I have said alot about quirky, cute-sey e.t.c which sort of sums up my style (or what I like this month? Whatever you like to call it)….well it’s definatley fantastical, but I’d call it kind of like a voodoo witch-> crossed with a sweet-as suger pastelly brownie scout/ suger plum fairy/princess e.t.c (I use that alot, huh?) That means imma be weraing lots of cute-sey collars and a few capes- with head bands and facial beads too…And i’ll try to to go to overboard with releasing my inner child too!”

So, as we’re leaving- I’d just like to say HaPpY NEw yEaR (hope school doesn’t kill ya too much!) PLease click on the link to see my first youtube video: ‘An Introduction to Who’s That Girl?‘ Like if you like it and subscribe to my blog 😉

3 Responses to “It’s kind-of a depressing story :'( at the end of the year.”
  1. WOW! That youtube video was AWESOME, how did you do it???? Do you use photoshop or something? Love it! ❤ 🙂

  2. Just saying, that photo looks really professional! 🙂

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