Photo-shoot: Gypsy Girl in the blues and blacks.

Photos: Cassia Tatley.

Directed And Edited: Ophelia Horton

Photography and editors assistant: Mia Tatley.

Clothes: H and M blue tights, Urban Outfitters black sheer/lacy blouse, Topshop wavy detail navy dress, St. Dunstans School skirt (worn as a cape), Office plimsols navy, ‘Poppy and Daisy’ pale pink flower wreath (from spitalfields market) and face stickers from my sisters room. Makeup: just abit of eyeliner and that’s it! It’s finally up…YAY- hope you like!

Inspired by: darkness, gypsy, nymphs, fantastical look, (distressed, shadow-ey editing).

7 Responses to “Photo-shoot: Gypsy Girl in the blues and blacks.”
  1. Cricket says:

    Love pics 5 and 7 😉 good work ladies!

  2. wow. love them! you look so professional!

  3. cassie says:

    Awesome effects and arrangements!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. bicci1998 says:

    omg (sarcasticly of coarse) they are amazing

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