Rookie? not any more!

The weekend…finally. I don’t know how to even start to describe my newly found obsession with the American, Tavi Gevinson. She is the most influential, inspiring and ibsolutley imazing girl I have ever come across in my whole life. Starting off at 11 (just like me) she created her blog: ‘Style Rookie’, without her parents knowing (how she managed that I don’t know…) until she was 12 or 13 (can’t remember) and had to ask for their permission to be featured in a magazine. Which, in my point of view is absolutely incredible. Most people begin to start their careers off in there twenties…but no, Tavi Gevinson started to get noticed at 13- she was noted for her knowledge that would be acceptable for someone many years above her. Now that is amazing. First, critics and most of the (muchly exclusive or inclusive) fashion industry spited her, not believing that her blog was actually ‘by her’, but was simply her mother or father dressing her up. Though soon the pint-sized fashion ‘Rookie’ was adored by most designers and magazines- Tavi explains *in her low voice* that she had no intention to ‘shake up the fashion industry- I feel bad sitting at the front row of fashion shows, I’m just a blogger, but I know it’ll be ok if I’m fourth row next time’…how can someone not planning on shaking up the fashion industry just do it un-intentionally, it seems so hard?! So her journey began-from being Fashion Television’s reporter, to being escorted around New York Fashion Week (with Mark Jacobs!) and from being called inspiring by King. Karl himself, to being invited to help at Rodarte’s (Ro-Dar-Tays) exclusive shoot. She decided it was time to cover the looked-over issues that magazines don’t explain, develop on, ah mention’s the word…she is the editor in chief of ‘ROOKIE’ an online fashion magazine for girls, which I absoluteshiloussly love and visit every day! That’s why I’ve been going on about her for the past week- she is my OBBSESSION.

After seeing her outfits, the most quirky, fearless and beautiful pieces of ‘art’ I have ever seen, I felt feeble, like my style wasn’t good enough…yes, I had creepers and all sort of cool statement pieces, but there was still a hole waiting to be filled- there was no cherry on top? I began to think that there were two different ways of dressing: seriously cool dressing (i.e. me :P, hoard of trends, all those awesome people)- and then the over and aboves (i.e. Tavi Gevinson, Susie Bubble)…the ones who make what you’re wearing feel like nothing compared to their spooky/swayey layering effect with Meadham Kirchoff dresses, teamed with a huge oversized netted pink hair bow, or neon-y splattered huge- heeled brogues with…I dunno just something extremely eye-catching- they have the WOW-factor. After seeing Tavi’s charismatic pictures and quirky, amazing dress, as-if she was a character each time, I promised my self I would find the cherry on-top, the extra oomph in each outfit I wore…and I’d make dressing more fun.

On the bus back from school I told my sister that I was planning on getting a glue gun so I could make one of those D.I.Y kiddies junk headbands (sooo totally awesome) that are showed on Rookie by Tavi, a few minutes later I explained that on the weekends I was going to try leap out of my realms of style abit. To try new stuff, more quirky, cut-sey stuff, with big statement pieces that add the cherry on top to outfits (like I said in my rant- ‘It’s kind of a depressing story’ blog- check it out!) Then I said it was inspired by Tavi…and just a few minutes later we started talking about how my sisters friends are always quoting the chick-flick ‘Wild Child’…I quoted ‘Mean girls’ (absolute genius), followed by a: ‘Tavi quotes Mean Girls’…. My sister answered by saying: ‘Stop trying too be like Tavi.’ Which busted my bubble.

Was I really ‘trying-to-be’ Tavi? When trying to dress like her was I not realizing that her way of dressing is simply a different way…I loved the way she dressed- it seemed to overcome all style: the quirky headbands and everything, but was I losing the ‘me’? I didn’t feel like how I dressed was the best way anymore? What was the ‘me’? And how do I find it? What was the best way to dress? Was I dressing for other people, Tavi, or me? – I felt all these questions jumbling-up in my head and began to realize that I felt like my dressing was sort-of-empty…? I’m not sure anymore, it was a few days ago, but I know I feel sort-of insecure, maybe I’m having one of those lost of inspiration moments…no I couldn’t be lost for inspiration, because Tavi was my inspiration…or was she? Should I really try to move with (the ever-rushing) fashion, with Tavi or with myself? Myself seemed the obvious option, but it was hard to be myself after seeing Tavi and draining my confidence from me (she’s only two years older), yet I still love her style…how does that work? What’s your thoughts on it all? Anyway, forget all my soppy-ness (she’s orsum) and I hope any tweens/teens who read this look up Tavi, because she’s such a role model for me! You should watch these vids to get a feel for her! And Tavi…if you’re reading this…SUNSCRIBE, oh shizzle, now I feel pathetic- I mean SUBSCRIBE!!! :J

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