Rise of the planets of the teens…

elle, chloe and Hailee with super model Natlia Vodianova for Vogue

elle, chloe and Hailee with super model Natlia Vodianova for Vogue

Is it just me or are there sooo many more teens in fashion than there used to be? Urrr friggin’ YES. Pour example: Elle Fanning, Haille Steinfeild, Chloe Moretz and Tavi Gevinson (I will keep going on about her until somehting happens) just to name a few, we’ve got a great bunch ya know: the kind of all-rounding, modelling, acting exectera-exectera for a billion years group…not to mention the slightly older gals: Jennifer Lawrence and Zoe Kravitz. But is it too young to be modelling? To, at 14 be sitting in a chair having one of the most prestigious make-up artists fumbling round with your hair, or having a-very-important-person who you need to impress giving you orders of how to pose, wearing clothes you don’t really feel comfortable in…is it really right and ok for someone that young (and I thought 16 was bad) to be getting in to such a career? At fourteen shouldn’t you be studying for your GCSEs and making sure you make the most of your education? I just don’t know. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get a head start in your career if you know what you want to do, but do you really know what you want to do at such a young age? Modelling is quite easy to do at the samae time though- it’s sort of a free lance job when you can turn things down or turn up exectera. Thoughts and feelings?

Let’s start with Tavi Gevinson. She is the most influential, inspiring and ibsolutley imazing girl I have ever come across in my whole life. Starting off at 11 (just like me) she created her blog: ‘Style Rookie’, without her parents knowing (how she managed that I don’t know…) until she was 12 or 13 (can’t remember) and had to ask for their permission to be featured in a magazine. Which, in my point of view is absolutely incredible. Most people begin to start their careers off in there twenties…but no, Tavi Gevinson started to get noticed at 13- she was noted for her knowledge that would be acceptable for someone many years above her. Now that is amazing. First, critics and most of the (muchly exclusive or inclusive) fashion industry spited her, not believing that her blog was actually ‘by her’, but was simply her mother or father dressing her up. Though soon the pint-sized fashion ‘Rookie’ was adored by most designers and magazines- Tavi explains *in her low voice* that she had no intention to ‘shake up the fashion industry- I feel bad sitting at the front row of fashion shows, I’m just a blogger, but I know it’ll be ok if I’m fourth row next time’…how can someone not planning on shaking up the fashion industry just do it un-intentionally, it seems so hard?! So her journey began-from being Fashion Television’s reporter, to being escorted around New York Fashion Week (with Marc Jacobs!) and from being called inspiring by King. Karl himself, to being invited to help at Rodarte’s (Ro-Dar-Tays) exclusive shoot. She decided it was time to cover the looked-over issues that magazines don’t explain, develop on, ah mention’s the word…she is the editor in chief of ‘ROOKIE’ an online fashion magazine for girls, which I absoluteshiloussly love and visit every day! You know who she is though right…I’ve blabbed enough!

They've always been friendi-la-las!

This seems to be the life of our genertaion Y chics…Elle Fanning: she may still be a teenager and you would think it is hard for her living in the shadow of her talented sister Dakota, but no, it’s not like that at all; although her parents live in Hollywood, life’s not at all like the kardashians. She’s completley brat-free: curious, but confident, sophisticated but infantine, creative but classical- she’s already a hit with several designers (Rodarte looove) and is a known fashion icon/muse who stuns her fans with her utterly fearless style on a day to day basis. Elle’s already impressed in Super 8 + movies to come…

Chloe Moretz, the 13/14 year old girl behind the mask who kicked ass in (quite blatantley) “Kick Ass”, the one who scared our socks off in “Let Me In”, laughed with us in “500 days of summer” and will show u show it’s done in Hugo (coming out this year). She is true example of young talent set free- doesn’t try too hard, is herself and doesn’t let fame get to her- she’s an inspiration to all of us! 🙂

Haille Steinfeild is like the others: talented, beutiful, mature and inspiring: she’s starred in ‘True Grit’ and modelled a few times too (for Mui Mui, remember)! She’s apparently also starring in the up and coming movie: ‘Ender’s Game’– (with Abigaale Breslin and Harrison Ford) which my Dad’s working on- I am so asking to go on set! I found out off IMDB by the way…Ahh I just dunno what to say…they all just make me jump with joy (or jelousy!) Below the LOVE magazine cover is Hailee’s Mui Mui ad campaign- it’s stunning! (Since I don’t know much about her I’ll just show you some pictures…I think the attention is defintaley taken off the Mui Mui merchandise! 

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