DIY-ed Mui Mui S/S 10 collar

I am actually so frickin proud of myself. I have been ALL over the internet trying to find a Mui Mui S/S 10 collar. But fashion moves to quickly, trends come each month and fashion has evolved so that we now don’t have just spring /summer or Autumn/ Winter shows- we have all these extras in between…Cruise, Ready to wear exectera. In some cases, Fashion is no longer being created, but manufactured- our generation are always demanding more and more and fashion is too fast to keep up with sometimes. Which was one of the reasons why I was finding it soooo ultra hard to find any of the collars from Mui Mui’s amazing S/S 10 show- involving lots and lots of sparkle and shine. I wanted one of the infamous-naked-lady stand alone pointy collars that were a huge hit in the show, but I didn’t know which season they came from or even which year!

I’m not that great with words so I don’t really know how to describe it, but all together Mui Mui’s show was pretty feminine and not really minimalistic- it wasn’t Meadham Kirchoff crazy or neutral palleted and easy: it was poised and elegant, but at the same time extremely boastful and quite show off-y (I’d say). The dresses weren’t loosey-goosey, but were obviously structed and cut out, so in that sense, the shapes were clear though the tailoring would have been relitavely complicated. Although the shapes weren’t patently girly at first glance, the cute-sey materials, glittering jems, artistic prints and peeks of skin definately softened the look -giving it real balance, which is quite hard to acheive in a collection…It should be eye-catching, unique, interesting and creative, but at the same time show off good use of material and knowledge of style. From seeing some piccys, I think the shows most (desirable) or some-what bases of the collection were probably the pointed ‘stand alone’ collars, which were really the roots of a raging trend and the huge printed heels- clunky yet comforatble and appealing- I loved Mui Mui’s use of diamonds, the prints were beautiful and the long plaits really accentuated the look! The show was quite complicated I would say. There was a wide range of looks and styles that were all packed into one character  perfectly, which is just why I can’t stop ranting about how well balanced and thought out it is…we often say we loved this show, or this show, but then can’t actually describe why- I’m workin on it! It was just mind blowing. Anyway,I won’t post any photos of MUI MUI up (so you’ll have to go yourself)…so there’s me going off on a rant for a while….I was sick of looking for that dam collar and I just said to hell with ever-moving fashion. I’ll make my own. And I did just that.

So I got this D.I.Y off this fab site called Runway D.I.Y-you should really check it out! And there wasn’t really much to learn off the D.I.Y anyway…I had conviniently dropped a pot of ink on my shirt in art (don’t worry it’s school uniform-nothing spesh) so I guess I had a free shirt…and what do you do with shirts you can’t wear? Well you cut off the collars. Like duh. So yea..I cut off the collar…Here’s my very own D.I.Y on how to make your own Mui mui collar (or any one really)

what you will need:

strong scissors

UHU glue

stud or button

a ruined shirt..or a normal one

picture of Mui Mui collar (print it off)

Now the actually interesting bit:

1. Ok, so firstly cut off the collar of your shirt….

cut it.

2. Print off the picture of the naked lady from the Mui Mui collar, or a cat or whatever- whatever motif you want…and cut the naked ladies out…or whatever motif- you get my right?

4. Use the UHU glue to glue the little ladies on…if you want then a good idea would be to dip die or decorate the collar in some way, before you glue them on!

5. Glue the stud, or button to the top of the collar and cut a whole on the other side to slip through…

6. And VOILA- you have the finished product…leave to dry….And be proud to wear- you’ve got a fresh new collar and saved a couple hundred ;J


P.S Thanks for letting me use ur aesome camera Seren!

7 Responses to “DIY-ed Mui Mui S/S 10 collar”
  1. bicci1998 says:

    I think that idea is really cool

  2. surfdudes says:

    I love the intresting idea and the simplicity of it! 🙂

  3. thankyou surfdude 😉

  4. Desiree says:

    awesome! Totally doing this. 🙂
    you’re blog needs more love! 😀

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