!nd!3 Schm!nd!3

What is it with ‘indie’-everyone’s trying to be it?!

 "Your jacket's so indie, that photo is so indie, 
her blog is so indie, omigod you're so indie."

What does ‘indie’ even mean?

Individual, independent? Well I don't know about 
independent, but 'indie' style is definitely 
not individual, for god's sake- everyone's trying
 to don the same kind of style, how is that 
original? It's not. I know.

I suppose it’s…

Polaroid photos, black and white shoes left on a fence, 
a grungy jacket with checks or shearling fur inside, 
burgundy and jade- all things  not gourdy- scruffy 
boots with high-waisted denim shorts or something, 
it's interpreted differently by different people, 
which is why it's such a like-able look, there's 
nothing wrong with it, but people shouldn't think
 indie is individual style, because it's not 
really. But think what you wanna think. Do
 what you wanna do really.

These are just my thoughts.

Why am I even posting this?

I don't know. Cos I'm cool. That's a stupid question.
 Why did I even ask myself that? Cos I wanna use every
 different size font. lolo-trolo.

I don't actually care if I'm wearing my Dad's 80s 
striped 'funk' shirt as a dress. I'm just    
frickin proud of walking to street dance with 
beautifully bare legs in the freezing cold like I
   don't give a shit. With my hair all wavey and 
let down, my urban ears headphones, HAMA-bead 
homemade sunnies and red laced converse- who cares
 if some random boy stared at me like he'd just
 seen an ompalompa. And I'm not sure if !nd!3 
is really linked at all with this...? But it was
 just an excuse to post up some shots of me being
 my usual vain self. Enjoy!

Moi in the photos

Photos by Moi

Moi wearing: Daddas 80s stripey funk tee, topshop 
skinny belt, urban ears headphones, H and Em socks.
 Tad of eyeliner by Bourjouis and a dash of coral
 lip from Urban Outfitters.

Thankyou Seren for letting me nick her awesome
 camera- (Lumix SLR) you're a babe!
5 Responses to “!nd!3 Schm!nd!3”
  1. cassie says:

    The shirt really goes with the headphones! Love it!!!!!!!

  2. Jinny/Ginny says:

    Hey!! Keep It Up!!! Ur blog is awesome!! 😀

  3. Raquel says:

    THE 3RD PHOTO NEEDS TO BE YOUR FB PP!!! it’s peng and gorgeous, keep it up, your an inspration bubba mwuah xx<3

  4. aww thankyou Raquel, keep your blog up- it’ll be amazing if you can find the time!

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