Yea, I know- bad posting, blah blah, blah, blah and blah

Sorry about the bad posting lately- I don’t really have an excuse except for that I’ve been juggling 10 extra curricular activities a week, I’ve been awful busy with school work, H/W and Dad’s not around at the mo. (means only one computer everyone’s trying to get on!)…Excetera-so do forgive me! Also, I have done, like nothing eventful this weekend (clean dishes exectrera,dance classes, helpin out, H/w, H/w, H/W, it takes sooo long)- which always gets me down :/ Me thinks I need to organise my weekends more! and sorry I’ve taken soooo long to post this I’m really getting sick of it! Hurry uP ME I NEED TO FIND TIME TO DO THE TAVI THINGY…then again I’ve already blogged about it…but…I wanna get some more utube vids up anyway! ahahha sdgkjh It’s along process…

Really today it’s just…random bits I suppose…Oh and read the captions!!!!


I've been practising my intense faces...

Shut up- I know I'm vain.

*Thoughtful Face* huh?

"Here comes the sun: WOhOhOO! (For once in England-.-)

Oh and I happen to be wearing lipstick and soome uber- cool earrings! 😀

keep reading...this is kind-of a beauty tingy, earring-y tingy and photo shoot ALL IN ONE- who woulda known?

*Moment-of-Thought* I'm wearing (quite terrible, but just givin it a try) lipstick from my lil' sisters Barbie Magazine, Cute-sey love heart earrings also from a magazine of hers 😛 and no other make-up other wise!

Stealing your little sistas stuff is sooo 'IN' now...didn't ya know? I've used so much of her junk lately (I'm going for the candy-doll via malibu barbie look btw)- well at least it's been put to use. I'm proud.

My 'Smurfette' top's thrifted from somewhere and passed down from an uber-cool sister's friend

Well ain't thatta shock!

I should do more with my hair right? ThoughtS?...Nearly done

Well, anyway- that's all FOLKS! Thanks for watching... ;J Yea, I'm on a roof. I'm cool.

And a tiny sneak peek at what’s to come………ok so the photos aren’t really tiny (Well, that failed), but yea umm- can you guess what imma do? B.T.W this took me years- you dunno how many magazines (ASOS+ COMPANY, 214 E.T.C!)

But I’ve got this recently uploaded rant I vlogged about Tavi (actual ‘uber-awesome’ in human form)- please check it out and subscribe (I don’t care if the video is from ages ago and is prerety cringy!!!) tryin’na get another video blog on the road, so yea…HYPE cos I went to an awesome school club night last Friday *night*  and was like the best ever  so yea..*KIDDIE MOMENT*…well not really a kid but whatever! And it wasn’t last night cos I actually posted this like a week later…I think this blog covers 1 and a half weeks really…

Last thing….a question, or two:

One Response to “Yea, I know- bad posting, blah blah, blah, blah and blah”
  1. Are you wearing braces?! Where are they from?

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