“I want you, I need you, Oh baby Oh Baby”

From “Ten Things I hate about you”- you gotta watch it! It’s amazing…Julia styles (amazing), Joseph Gorden-Levitt (cute), Heath Ledger (“underwhelmed” by him ❤ . <3).  Why I’ve called this post that. Well, I want YOU (fluro rain mac), I NEED you pink diamond ring…And Oh, Baby, Oh baby I have to have those sunnies! So I guess it all works out…

Basically, although I’m s’upossed to be keeping off too much Topshop trash (no kidding, some stuff’s great and some’s not)- but I’ve just seen Topshop’s new in and am loving some pieces (this is just a random post really, doing what I love in the weekdays, don’t have time to be deep), better fill up my piggy bank (urrm yea..so..about that)…enjoy! Oh, And do click on the photos to enlarge, cos they’re mighty fine…

On the subject, of topshop, they’re new S/S 12 has arrived (whoop whoop) and although most isn’t really my style, there is this one dress which I actually have to have (God, I sound so spoilt!) Hey, it is £220 pounds…..but I have the money somewhere-(though I’m supposed to be saving up, since I’ve bought too much in the last few months- I’m dreadful :/ ) Anyway, If I do get it..by miracle (because my Dad and definatley my mum won’t approve and also cos I’m promising myself not to get it…lets see how that goes), I’ll post up a pick (no I won’t cos I won’t get it..ahh, can’t decide- NO no no I can’t get it grrrrr!)

And now, lets end this (when-the-hell-will-this-week-end-)quick-tired-weekday-ish post on a happy note about me: “I like my sketchers, but I love my prada backpack” *wink wink*

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