Mary Katranzou for TOPSHOP…

Mary Katranzou has been fashion’s hi-top since last Summer, when she was noticed for her ‘hanging dresses’ as previewed at Port Eliot Festival 2011 – after winning the Emerging Talent Prize at The British Fashion Awards she was described as the ‘toast of London Fashion Week’ and as the ‘head-to-toe-print’ look is a must for S/S 12 (worn Pajama Style, or tailored suit)- I’m sure her new collection for Topshop is gonna be a hit! Mary’s precious prints and structured silhouettes are going to be the coveted piece of every style-pirate. Fashion muses: Hailee Steinfeild and Alexa have already been seen rocking the look! Although, the collection isn’t out until the 17th of February (I don’t know why I’m so excited cos I don’t have the money), I’ve already seen Susie Bubble showing boasting a dress from the pictures on her blog (dunno how she did that!) I can tell this look’s gonna blow(-up-fashion) big time.

And anyway, the collection is just gorgeous- we all know Mary for her prints in different variations (which in my opinion isn’t very explorational- we know your exquisite prints are your signiture, but can you try something differnet please?) Anyway, I won’t peanalise her for it- there’s always a slight change in each collection and it seems she’s gone slightly more abstract this time: a mix of vibrant florals, elaborate birds and building edges- it’s just really beautiful…I love the shapes the puffy skirts of the dresses and tailored shapes, combined with the bang-on-trend rich baroque-style feminine prints-If you ask me the collection looks slightly oriental, with it’s turquoise-jade motifs and huge overhanging tailed chinese birds, matching with the typically chinese breaking waves. The collection all together is wonderfully vivid and paradisical- Watch out for miss Katranzooo!



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