That’s the third post about about Toshop this week- yikes!

Ok, so this is the third Topshop related post this week…which I guess is kinda bad, but I just cant get over The Topshop NEWGEN Tees buisness- I am ultra excitedo.  And to build up la tension I’ve just quickly posted some piccys of my favourite tees and these chikas rocking them (Boy, would I love to be them right now!)  I don’t care if I don’t win one- I’m buying one on the 17th! My favourite favourites are Roksanda Ilinicic, Erdem and Meadham Kirchoff- closely followed by Louise Gray, but a few others are there too 🙂

Why is she wearing a bra over? Huh?

Just as a thingy-ma-jiggy-ma-bobby, have you noticed, the new design on some of the makeup range? It’s more grey with swirls, a different design is usually used for a different type of makeup within the makeup (does that make sense. No)….there’s a different design: for egzample, on the crackle nails, the lid is crackly, on the metalic coloured nails, the lid is metallic and on the normal one’s the lid is spotty- ja get me? Is there a new collection or something? Moi est excitedo.

I am also noticing (about the nail range) the they have these cool new nails like ‘Hidden Treasure’, with a swirly colour on the outside and a ‘Hidden Treasure’ within. This is also on the colour hypnotic (looks silver but is actually green), moonstone, which is white. I think I’m gonna splash the cash (my friend Sadie says that) on some new nail experiments: I need Hidden Treasure, Ice crush and some whites too…maybe a few bases, but I’ll try not to get too carried away! Also, Topshop seem to be uping their game-in the style status, new clothes in new in are extremely appealing and it seems they’re losing some of the trash…I am so excited about how Topshop’s going to turn out as it seems it’s just getting better and better!

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