Bits and Bobs. Fashion is FUN!

This is just a really random post. I don’t feel like being random, alas. In fact I feel like being informative and cool and stuff, but obviously I’m not. I’m sorry I don’t have much to offer. It’s sad really. I’ve spent the afternoon looking at videos of people praising Tavi Gevinson (her being awesome, her blog, how lucky she is, how naturally stylish she is, how much money she must have to afford all her designer clothes, how genius she is, how I am so un-significant compared to her, how I wish I was in America cos Everything seems to happen there, how she and Susie haven’t answered any of my emails cos they will always be too busy being fashion genius-es to care) and being a depressed cow and being un-reproductive. And I don’t actually care how many times I said whatever i said in that…or if I said ‘and’ three times in that sentence or whatever -.- Sometimes I’m such a fail. (I feel like saying ‘so’ at the start of this sentence, but it doesn’t sound right and I am making myself so frustrated that my writing is not flowing at the moment…come to think of it, does it ever flow? I dunno.) So I’m trying to feed my blog some feeling. I swear there should be more in that sentence…Ok so, now I am just randomly writing/typing whatever I’m thinking in my head, which, no surprise there, turns out to be utter crap and I’m still rambling on, with this little plop of poo in my head sludging around leaving a slippery negative trail. Maybe to make this more interesting for you poor souls I could right this up in my hand writing, with little amusing doodles and then take a picture of it and post it. But then it would be too much like Tavi and I can’t be bothered to get a piece of paper and do it anyway. I kind of feel like drawing but I know I’ll just get my self all worked up if it doesn’t look perfect. Maybe I should listen to Gold Panda and cut up pieces of paper to relax. Maybe I should delete my blog, cos it feels so utterly huge-or-mass-lee, un-style-ish-lee, un-wanted-lee, un-appreciated-lee DEAD right now. Probably true. Now I can’t even remember why I decided to write this…Oh, Yes. It was actually some thing happy. Mum has a friend, who has a friend called Mikey, who happens to know Susie Bubble, which is so utterly awesome and Mum’s friend said she will tell Mikey to try and hook me up, so I can meet her exectera which would be omigod-ish-ly mind blowing and would seriously change my life! If that doesn’t work, then I have a cunning plan:

1. I blow out candles on the 21st October 2012…Woop Woop! (I’m 13. Wow. Omi-god I just realized I’m fourteen next year ((so cool)), actually, oh no, I’ll be 13 and still probably stuck here feeding my blog and trying to stop it from dying, whilst Tavi Gevinson is out there eating scones with King Karl and his calvary)…Anyway, as a birthday prezzie, I get tickets to loads of my favorite fashion shows in London fashion week (which I think is somewhere near half term in Autumn)…And obviously, by then I have those gorgeous £120 Jeffrey Lambert pale pink- heel-less heels, which I can’t walk in…So I turn up and inevitably trip over in my huge-eye-eye-catching heels…and seeing my statement heels, and me Karl Lagerfeld/Lagerfeild feels he just must help that poor little (“WOW-she-is-the-most-stylish-person-I’ve-ever-seen-type-of”) girl up. So he strolls over, (with his calvary) and err, helps me up. And this is quite like how it goes:

O: “Oh, thanks!”

K: “No, problem- well, who’s this girl then?” Points at me- duh. 

O: “How nice of you to ask, well, I’m Ophelia Horton.”

K: “I love you’re shoes! Where are they from?”

O: “Oh these? They’re Jeffrey Lambert, nice huh?”

K: “Uh-huh- So what brings you here, to Meadham Kirchhoff’s show?”

O: “Well, I just turned 13. I have a blog, called: ‘Who’s That Girl? I’ve come to report. Just For myself sadly.’

K: “Thirteen, WOW. You remind me of someone….Tavi something…”

O: “Tavi Gevinson? Gee, thanks sir!”

K: “Yea, that’s her- she’d like you! How bout I fly you over to America for a while. You could be big.

O: “Why, that-d be awful nice!”

K: “Oh, no problem- here’s my card. You from round here. Where ya sittin’? Front row?”

O: “Yea, I’m London-ish. Fourth row though actually. With my Mum.”

K: “Fourth row? You’re hot stuff. You should be up front; getting the best pictures for that blog of yours…Bloggers do seem to be the ones shaping fashion after all. You wait here and I’ll fix you and your mum some better seats.”

O: “Oh boy, thanks Mr. Karl.”

And BOOM, I’m famous…Ok, maybe this is just a tince fantastical, but I will have those Jeffrey Lambert’s one day…and I’m asking for fashion week tickets for my birthday- I can’t believe I didn’t think of that last year! Anyway…I actually think posting this has cheered me up. WAhEEy! I went shopping in Oxford Street yesterday avec ma mere- we went to get her some shoe-zies and went into Urban Outfitters (it was heaving)- I nearly bought some cat eye sunnies with metal detail on the edges, but they were 16 bucks and I’m trying to conserve my remaining shopping money (£70- so little) by only buying really needed fashion buys or really unique stuff…and anyway, I’m gonna buy a cheap glue gun (for random DIYing exectera) at some point so I have to save up. My parents said I can by myself a macbook pro if I want, because I am always hogging their computer’s for blogging (oh, it rhymes) and I overload my Mum’s computer with too much crapolop, but I wanna save my modelling money for if we have a financial crisis or something like that. We went over the road for topshop…It’s so huge-or-mass! I felt utterly overwhelmed as I stood before the mighty four floors…wow. There’s so much stuff there, I find there’s kind of too much stuff- It’s all in your face, though I do move really quickly in shops though- my Mum says I should slow down and pay more attention! I love how big it is though, they have sooooo many clothes; it must be hard for them to pick the bits to put in the smaller shops. I love how they have loads of little stalls dotted around…Dune, Office and Kurt Geiger downstairs+a hair and nail salon…My Mum says when it’s my birthday I can go there :J The makeup section is so big and there’s so much concentrated attention on everything- and what did I tell you? I said I’d splash some cash-I bought Topshop’s gorgeous ‘Ice Crush’ nail varnish and this cute little pot of crackle nail in sweetheart: it’s a mix between pastel and rose pink- but turns out a beautiful nearly neon and kind of peachy color on nails. Both colors together: ‘sweetheart’ gone edgy with crackle +ed with a layer of protective, but also eye catching glitter on top you have an easy and effective party nail right there (I may do a DIY on that)!

When in Office, my mum bought some simple creamy/karky brogues and I sort of strolled around guarding her bag exectera…That’s when I saw them. “What’s them?” I hear you eagerly ask. Well, they were the most magnificent pair of shoes, streamlined and sleek, pale pink, leather, with a huge invisible heel (hard to explain, but you’ll get it once you’ve seen them!) My first thought was: “They’re are just crazy. Outgoing. Outrageous. They must be mine.” I picked them off the shelf and showed mum, who laughed and told me to try them on so she could get a photo. Ok, so I couldn’t really walk in them and had no bloody idea where I could wear them, but they looked magical, the shape reminded me of McQueen’s Armadillo shoes and went perfect with my outfit- the kind of thing, which you leave on your shelf and savor for that one special picture- I was beginning to like them more and more every second. They would be my first bit of designer clothing and were amazing. Mum asked the ladies how much they were: £120…not too bad- they were by Jeffrey Campbell and were pretty impressive.  But they were just like the £220 topshop Unique dress or Macbook I wanted, I could buy them with my own money, but would I regret it later in life, how should I know? I’d have to take a leap of faith- after all, it was fate- they’d been my size right off the shelf, (ohh, cheesy-schmeezy!) In the end, I knew from the start I wasn’t going to buy them, they were just too fantastical. The real reason I didn’t buy them was because of my family- Dad would be so unimpressed, he scowl at me for about a month (is it bad that I let my families views get in the way of what I want to do- I think I half made my own decision anyway, they just weren’t practical enough) :/- so, alas, they’d have to wait. I think we spent about three hours in Topshop- by the time we came out it was dark…geeez that’s a record! But I’m trying to steer clear of it, it’s expensive and although some stuff’s nice, you can get much more original or unique stuff for the same price somewhere else too! I teased my Dad in the car though- I told him I had bought the £220 dress and the £120 shoes, and I was right- he could have crashed the car with fright!

Sorry about the lack of doodles- and links- I’m sorry I was just too tired 😦 I should work on that), but I’ve got a few photos from here and there which I felt fit the kind of random-nessi-osity. I’d like to say they tell the story of my weekend, but most are pretty old and don’t really show off my photography skills (sorry bout the camera- some were taken on my phone- for Gods sake can the postman just post the charger for my camera?!)- just click through and I hope they amuse you, by the way , I’ve got a few blogs lined up…photo shoot; bracism and all that jazz…see you soon!


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