I love messing around with nail design- I’m always playing with

the colour and designs and stuff. I got bored of my ‘preety-girl-

nails’ I did this weekend and decided to decorate them some more

(even though we’re not really allowed them at school)-here are

some nails I did tonight, they all use Topshop ‘Sweetheart’ Crackle

Nails and Topshop’s ‘Ice Crush’ glitter nails+ a few other colours.

My Bubble-Gum nails- they remind me of sweets and stuff. Use a

base colour (I used blue) and a crackle on top (pink does nicely)- if

you’re girly like me then you can add some glitter! Meadham

Kirchoff inspires me.

The next look are these. I dunno bout them. Tomato Red ‘war paint’ nailsby topshop

as your base and the same crackle and glitter as a coat on top. They match

the others and are pretty hot.

Do note that the thumbs have sequins on them that match the

colour of the base- justplace these on whilst the glitter layer is wet.

If you are one of those creepy kids whokeep old bits of things

exectera then you will probably have something like this

athand…otherwise, steal *ahem ahem I mean ‘borrow’* your little

sister’s pot of glitter.

Job done!

My nails are from last weekend here. I got sick of this design on

my nails though.

Pretty, but annoying. I still go by my belief that there’s never

enough glitter though.

True fact.

Have fun ‘nailing’ these looks (Pun intended, yea!) By the way, my

camera charger has finally arrived China and i am now able to use

my camera. Halllelujah? Fresh Photos coming up…Happy

Valentines Dudenskas! ❤

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