London Fashion Week Is Here! 17th-22nd

Ok, so I’ve never really understood London Fashion Week. It’s like it suddenly just pops out of no where and every well-known blog is heaving with LFW posts- sometimes even in the middle of the year bloggers do posts on how they went to this show and that. How do they know about it all before it’s even happened? Fashion always works in the way that; if you’re a new comer, it’s hard to get in. Like me, you don’t know how everything works, you don’t know when things are coming up and by the time Topshop says: ‘Yipee, It’s London Fashion Week!’ It’s too late to get tickets. I learnt this the hard way. I thought it was gonna be easy. Go to Topshop Show- space site, buy tickets, but it wasn’t. I did my research. I got on the computer at the very start of my half term (last night), and seeing as Topshop said it was LFW, I googled: ‘Topshop Show space Tickets’. You see,  I don’t know how this whole London Fashion Buisness works: society today is consumed with making and making and making- we now don’t only have S/S or A/W, but have theses little in between shows like ‘cruise’ and ‘ready to wear’ and stuff- I don’t understand why, when it’s still February (Winter), every Designer launches their A/W 12 show- when we haven’t even got to the actual real season of Spring yet! It turns out the Spring designer shows were down last November 0.o

So back on the topic of Fashion Shows…Do you have to be invited or can you just buy a ticket and show up? Where d’you get tickets from? Where is each show? Where’s the official website? Do you get tickets for individual shows or a day of shows? And finally, after about an hour of research, I found the right website: London Fashion Week, (NOT London Fashion Weekend- different things, similar places and times.) I clicked on schedule and up came the schedule, brilliant. It had the shows, when they were, where they were, what day and everything. So I scrolled down and looked at what designers were on what days…Well, I’d missed Friday because I’d had school- to be honest there wasn’t much that interesting or well known on that day; the next day, Saturday had some goodies: I love Simone Rocha and it would be interesting to see her Dad’s work too- not to mention House of Holland! Then there was Sunday: Unique, Louise Gray, Thomas Tait, Nasir Mazhar, Jonathan Saunders and more- that would be a good day out! Next was Monday: Erdem, Christopher Kane and Michael Van Der Ham, quite good and Tuesday: Mary Katranzou, Roksanda Illinic, Meadham Kirchoff, Holly Futon and Aashish- I would have to go on that day! But as I got myself all excited, I wasn’t thinking about what enduring task my parents might have had planned for me on those days, if one of them would want to escort me or even if I could get a ticket! So I clicked on my favourite designers…and it had all that stuff about them and I’m like: ‘Yea, I know, but where’s the bit where I buy my tickets to the show…?’

I spent the rest of that evening emailing every single designer I could, telling them who I was and how could I get tickets to their show. Almost minutes after sending the first message, I got one back telling me the lines were now closed for this designers show and they wouldn’t be accepting any more emails about tickets. Hmm, maybe that was just because Simone Rocha is really busy and popular. I emailed 27 designers last night. And I got the same 27 dissapointing answers. They hadn’t even read my email- it was just a standard message. I was too late. And once again, I was shunned by the ever inclusive and exclusive Fashion Industry. So here I sit in my lounge at 8:30 in the morning, not leaving to see ‘Daks’ show at the Courtyard showspace in 30 mins, but sitting, the same as I was last night- not knowing what to do. Better Luck Next Season…Happy London Fashion Week!


Ignore the dates on this- it’s Topshop’s Fashion week! Tres Confusing!

Don’t pay attention to the dates on the image above- it’s Topshop’s Dates for their Shows. Finally it’s all become clear to me: there are two London Fashion Weeks a year: Autumn (around October) and Spring (usually from about February 17th-22nd.) I better start booking my tickets for the October shows, huh? I’ve learnt my lesson.

2 Responses to “London Fashion Week Is Here! 17th-22nd”
  1. Ged says:

    I just scanned the Catwalk reports on I know it’s not the same thing as being there but at least you get to see what went down the catwalks yesterday. 🙂

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