Loving LFW. Pure Awesome.

It’s the 18th of February, Day two of London Fashion Week…and the first thing I have to say is sorry. I am so sorry for moaning to you about not having tickets to Fashion Week. I have this thing at the moment where I’m kind of channeling my feelings through posting stuff about how annoyed (exectera) I am, but today, was the best day of my entire life. Be prepared for a badass story. Ok…sorry I have to prepare myself for this…                                                                                                                                                                            Lets start where we left off. I woke up this morning, blogged about not having any tickets, cried a little…and brightened up. I was going to go into London, snap some street style photos (after all, there was bound to be tonnes of amazing people there- Fashion Week, DUH) and have an amazing time. So, whilst my Mum did her singing lessons, I ran round the house, deciding what to wear. I think I tried on about 10 outfits (all cleverly put together, eye-cathcing, but sophisticated- not trying too hard to get noticed, but statement)…and I finally decided on my Mum’s gorgeous folk-style blouse, with embroidery in the cuff and peep-y hole crochet shoulders, teamed my amazing plain grey pinafore (from school- it’s amazing what you can do with school clothes!) I sophis-ticat-ised (ohhh, new word) the dress with my Topshop skinny belt and added the ‘look-at-me’ with my creepers and the infamous D.I.Y-ed Mui Mui S/S 10 naked lady stud-collar. Obviously I wore tights and wrapped up in my furry aviator. Ready to go. We planned on heading to Dover Street Market, because that was where Simone Rocha’s stuff was and also because I heard there were generally trendy people there+ loads of cool designer clothes; then to Somerset House, because that’s where LFW is being held mostly- DUH!

Dover street Market is in quite a convenient place actually: near the Ritz and practically across the road from Green Park station. We went in awkwardly and looked around. Ok, so we couldn’t really buy anything because nearly everything except for socks is over £200 pounds and I’m honestly not a billionaire. Unfortunatley, unless you’re Susie Bubble or Karl Lagerfeld or something, photos are a big no no, so I’m just gonna have to describe it to you…We went to the 2nd floor, where there was mainly random stuff: a cute purple mexican kaftan, with embroidery and some gorgeous vintage cardigans and things…baroque brogues, hairy headpieces and plastic shirts. The third floor was definitely my favourite- It had the most impressive pieces: in the corner Alexander McQueens beautifully draping dresses, the way the are made is exquisite, it must have taken years of practice to master that kind of shape in a dress; then metallic shirts and skirts, cut soft but precisely and even a mannequin with a rabbits face and top hat to lure you in! My favourite pieces were Simone Rocha’s S/S 12 collection pieces (the real reason I came actually), the simple plastic trapping the intricate lace was seriously effective and balanced out awesomely, I absolutely loved her leather and black netted dresses- grungy, but elegant. And what can I even say about the flouro green netted dress. Colourful and the texture was different and cool- I was really disappointed that they didn’t have her cool brogue-in-a-heel-shoes though, doesn’t matter. Mary. K’s stuff was pretty impressive too though- I have to say, seeing her pieces in real life they are pretty eye-cathcing, I can’t believe her collection sold out of Topshop within an hour. Though I couldn’t take my eyes off the Simone Rocha dress, my favourite bit was probably the dressing room: it had velvet walls and was totally thrifted- I felt like I’d just entered one-der-land. You should check that place out, it’s hardcore cool.

Cool Mirror.



I love her puffa-dress!

Out front.

I love this look: Mary Katranzou's oriental-style trousers with classic white Doc Martin brogues (Everyone's wearing these) and a colour-pop coat. Brilliant. Not meaning to be racist but I swear Chinese people are good at everything!

And then it started raining…YIPEEE! And we didn’t have an umbrella…and I was wearing £90 shoes. Result: worried, wet person. Me and Mum walked all the way from Dover Street to Somerset house in the rain. That’s about a 45 minute walk…so as you can probably guess, by the time we got to Somerset, I was grumpy, soaked and sore footed; un-hopeful and annoyed…But it soon washed away, as I was greeted by what was probably the best afternoon ever! We entered the huge courtyard. It’s so atmospheric: signs everywhere, a huge screen with catwalks showing on it, groovy stuff everywhere and everyone snapping photos of each other. I could see some people looking at me and pointing to their friends; probably commenting on how small I was or something. The first exciting thing happened when I was approached by some stylish lady who asked Mum if she could take my photo for some magazine, so I stood there, trying to stop myself from jiggling with excitement as she asked my my name and what I was doing and stuff- this kind of scene happened several times and I’m probably going to see myself on some random blog in a while and think ‘Oh, yes, I remember that time!’ Another thing that was cool was that they had the Topshop NEWGEN tee caravan, where they were selling all of the T-shirts- the staff were really friendly and helped me eventually decide on the exciting Louise Gray foil-ish skeletal colour pop-y one for £30, that’s sold out on the website I think (God, I’m bad at describing!) Once I’d snapped a few pics and had some snapped of me outside, Mum decided to pop inside and see if anything exciting was there. And, boy there was exciting! The most amazing thing happened…I saw SUSIE BUBBLE!!!!!! I never thought I would, but I did! I was kind of too scared to say hello, but my Mum immediately went over and said: ‘My daughter…something or something.’ She came over and was really friendly: she said ‘hi’ and asked me my name and said she loved my D.I.Y.ed Mui Mui S/S 10 stud- collar. She asked if she could put a photo of me on her twitter and I got a photo with her too- I hope I wasn’t too fan-like! I’ve just checked out her twitter...she said: “My youngest, Most well dressed EVER fan…Ophelia *she said my name*  wears a DIYed collar to LFW!’ Omi-god…I’m still overwhelmed. I didn’t even have tickets and that really made my day. Now for photos…

Stella Kattermann: blogger.

cool heels huh?


Me and Susie- can't stop grinning!

cool lashes!

=where I got my tee from

Ok, so I wasn't allowed in...who cares?

It’s been a great day! I love the feeling when someone asks if they could take your photo- it makes you feel like someone likes what you’re wearing. Thanks all those people who made my day, thanks Mum, for taking your holiday off to trek round with me, thanks Sas…and thanks Susie too- please don’t forget about me! I think I might go there tomorrow too, or to Topshop Showspace- I have all Half term after all…gonna wear my new Louise Gray tee shirt with crazy sunnies, jeans and my doctor who jacket…I plan me outfits in my spare time…LOL. Happy Fash. Week!




17 Responses to “Loving LFW. Pure Awesome.”
  1. you are such a little darling! i spotted you yesterday at lfw.. a mini fashionista in creepers and a very snazzy collar! enjoy the rest of the fashion week 🙂 xxx

  2. Wow! You got to meet Susie Bubble AND take a pic with her….. not fair 😦 sounds like a great day!

  3. A. says:

    I saw you talking to Susie yesterday, you’re the cutest! Don’t be down about not having tickets etc. You can always email designers a month or two before fashion week and request tickets- the nice ones will always reply. Failing that, you’ve just got to queue up for the shows anyway and ask to speak to the press contact. They usually let you squeeze in to see the show!

    • thanks! 😀 I’m really determined to see some stuff so if you know anyone who’d have spare tickets then that’d be great. I actually managed to squeeze into Louise Gray like you said! It was brilliat and am quickly cooking up a post about it. Have to stay at home to cathc up today! I’m alreadyd emailing designers for next seaason, definetley going to be prepared.

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