Day 1 LFW eye- candy!

I am so majorly late with all this LFW stuff- it all happens too quick and this post is for yesterday- yesterdays (Saturday 18th) shows that were at Somerset: Firstly, I’m not gonna lie. I wasn’t actually in these shows, but I’m a good girl- I’ve done my research. And I know what I like about them. So, to stop you from dying of boredum I’ve done a mood board for my two favourite shows of LFW day 1: Sister by Sibling and Simone Rocha. Simone Rocha seems to win over, as it was so amazing- she is such a genius designer! The show was so diverse: preety and tough, intricate and simple, gossamer and structured and so much more: we saw metallica and her signiture crochets and laces+ an adrogynous quiff! It was so perfect- a frothy fantasie crushed into realitie  if that makes sense- anyway, I can’t explain. Give your peepers some eye-candy with this!




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