Favourite show of DAY 2 L.F.W: Louise Gray S/S 12…OmiGOd!

I am majorly late on LFW and am frantically trying to catch up, so sorry if this is a bit short (err, well it was going to be). Anyway, I was hoping to just hang out in Somerset today, like yesterday, but then I heard Louise Gray and Unique was on at Topshop Showspace, so I thought maybe for a change I could pop over there…But as usual, there was a ‘bow-koo’ problemo. I had to go to some birthday party for my cello teacher’s husband or something and to be honest, hey, that wasn’t that bad- it was cool. Got a break from Fash. week and caught up with some majorly awesome old friends of ours who were totally crazy and sparked up the party. Me and mum dashed off (nearly to the complete wrong place) towards London Sitaay at around 4:15 and arrived at that cool place opposite the shard. It’s Topshop showspace…we were gonna stop off at Somerset, but then decided to just go straight to the site/place/crib ūüėõ of the action. Then…I didn’t really like it. There were insanely trendy people there, wearing insanely trendy stuff, but everything was way more daunting. Infact, to hell…I preffered Somerset way more. This was probably because of the fact there wasn’t a huge courtyard with tonnes of photographers and so much going on, like in Somerset- here everyone was just standing around…being insanely cool.You’d know how I felt if you were that odd one out, pint-sized 12-year-old standing there kind of wishing you hadn’t worn such an eye-catching puffy skirt and everyone is just standing around in their secluded cliques looking at you. It wasn’t like Somerset where everyone was really friendly and rushing about and smiling and taking photos of each other. You really don’t know the pain I had to go to mentally and physically then. Ok, so maybe not that drastic: some people gave me wierd looks and I had to stand around akwardly in the cold (with mum), not really taking any photos of anyone and not having a LFW band or ticket for anything at all. Yea (after this lady trying to control everything said we might be able to get in on a standing ticket, if there’s space once all the important people have gone in) we (me and my poor mum) stood around for about an hour waiting in line, in the frickin’ cold, until finally the dudes decided they’d stop the torture and let us in. And, so I got in. I actually got into a show, with a fairly good veiw, without a ticket! Now, the prologues over, I can start with the story.

So we got in and were directed upstairs to the balcony area…snazzy. And, that was it. The show started. It was somewhat tribal and definatley colourful, in a wild, but elegant way- perfectly balanced so you get excited, but the clothes were sophisticated and weren’t like she’s trying too hard to be all: ‘Look at me- Look at me’ crazy. The signiture prints and elaborate headwear sure made up for the simple silhouette of a feminine suit. Although the shape of the actual clothes weren’t unusual (neat ponytail, pinafore, pointed boots), but more like a twist on workwear, they were perfectly enhanced with decoration: girly earrings in pink and all sorts +dangley headwear were the cherry on top. I ¬†love how Louise is always exploring textures and materials, I’ve noticed how she’s favoured foil and metallica at the moment, though she used a whole range of stuff in this show: feathers, sequins and jewels- there was defintaley a boastful amount of¬†sparkle (rings, earrings, bracelts everything)…the show had so much to offer, but at the same time didn’t overwhelm you!

Ahh, there’s so much to say…although, there was lots to look at, like the gorgeous make-up or clutches, the clothes really dominated show- just how it’s supposed to be. For shoes, nearly every model strutted down in a pair of pointed boots: we combine Christmase’s love of knee highs, with the ‘oh-so loved’ pointed court heel and VOILA- we have a new boot, colourful and beautifully fresh with style for the next season. Genius. The shows urban, sort of feminine vibe was shaken up when one of the models entered with her hair fully back-combed, so it stood up on her head, like a block on blonde wood- talk about rock chick! We saw this happen again, in the shape of a rainbow- a few of the models had huge semi circles of hair or something on their heads, I think that was a great piece of deisgning there, and you must have to have real skill to master such an incredible look! Majorly effective, the star of the show!

Make-up wise: Louise went for bold cheeks in pink and red, with pretty much neutral lips, the hair was in a sleek pony tail and I think that’s it. All in all the show was really quick- it was so short, I didn’t really stand outside in the cold for an hour to see five minutes of fashion, then again, the stunning looks made up for it- I loved the show…what a great way to experience my first show! WOW I really whipped myself into a verbal frenzy there, if that wasn’t helpful or you just wanna see it for yourself, then watch the show from Topshop here:¬†Topshop Louise Gray S/S 12¬†¬† ¬† ¬† …..it’s funny how, after watching the live show on my computer, I saw the show differently and think I missed out bits, fashion is what you make of it. Everyone sees fashion differently, what I found amazing, might not be amazing to you, so see for yourself!

talk about punk!

Louise Gray signing off!

Lets Go for a closer look…

I’ve found some close ups here of the makeup and you can really see the vivid colour brought out in the cheeks in lurid orange and hot pink, sort of like a London Club scene with all the colours and lasers and things (not ¬†that I’ve ever actually been in a club)- in the hair we see the 80s as the models strutted down with frayed white stuff on their heads- not to mention the huge fan-shaped dip dyed mohawks that were introduced! Louise calls it ‘new punk’

bubble wrap gloves? impressive. And look at those earrings!


The we hung out in Topshop Showspace again….

Guess who it is? We're practically bezzies now! I'm not stalking you by the way!

^So that was it….what a great way to end the day! This post is actually for DAY 2 of LFW (Sunday 19th) by the way, I’m majorly late and trying to catch up!

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  1. hannah says:

    nice vid!

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