L.F.W kick ass looks and the hot goss :)

Erdem: he shows a darker side with variations of floral prints in jewel-tone hues for A/W 12

Beautifully dark black ponytails with bows at Erdem.

subtle eye flick at Erdem

Erdem hair board. Backstage 🙂

gold leaf upper lids and a swift flick of eyeliner at Michael Van Der Ham

So we’re half way through LFW and stakes are high, so far we’ve had amazing shows from Sis by Sibling, Simone Rocha, Louise Gray, Peter Pilotto and Unique to name afew+ The Erdem and Michael Van Der Ham happen at Somerset house right as we speak. Unfortunatley I’m not there, but am sitting at home being a fashion-obssesed geek and blogging exectera. Ha ha, but hopefully visiting my friend Rocio at 4:00pm when mum’s back- geez that’s a few minutes time! Sjizer! Anyway, although I’m catching up on stuff today, I’ll be back in Somerset tommorow doing insanely serious fashion stuff, interveiwing and taking photos- I never want this week to end…anyway, here’s a picture of me at the moment, just to satisfy you.

Excuse the paint that’s on the mirror, but ohhhh creepy love-heart-lips child- Just did this with eyeliner…I was trying to do my eyes, but most went all over my face some how, so I lips were the obvious option. Here’s my look for today- it’s insanely kick ass…someone asked me if I was a boy. Result. I totally bagged the adrogynous look.  Wearing: Zara baroque monochrome silk blouse with collar, topshop high waisted shorts, topshop ‘doctor-who’ coat with leather collar, eyeliner (on lips) from rimmel or something and Dad’s black Crown Series hat (by Tony Merenda) at Venice Beach LA. Yea, I know, I’m wierd. Ohhh and by the way, apparently Kanye West was seen being ushered back stage at Mark Fast- how I know this may remain a secret…I have my leads *cough cough twitter cough cough*….Desperate to go to Meadham kirchoff and Mary Katranzou tommorow by the way, hopefully I can squeeze in like I did at Louise Gray, but did get an email from them saying they’re packed- and it wasn’t a standard message…someone had actually read my email…moer than I can say for the other desgners..pfft! I’ll go anyway. I’m so excited for tommorows big fashion day out- I’m not letting anyone stop me there! Mark Fast’s about to start, gotta go (not that I’m actually going to Mark Fast’s show, but…)

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