LFW DAY 5/4ish: An insight into me mind and a great day exectera. Meadham Kirchoff!

Yo dudes! Ok, so now it’s not these days, but anyway, happy pancake day and Brit award day (for yesterday, I think)- anyway, I’ve been too caught up on LFW to realise anything and I haven’t even had a pancake (that is truely worrying seeing as I’m a big eater!) I don’t want this week to end (well spastic half week thing)- I have had the greatest weekend of my whole life- the first two fashion shows I’ve ever seen in my life were of Louise Gray and Meadham Kircoff (like, totally my fave designers)- and I didn’t even have a ticket ____(ohhh rebel.) Plus I’ve met my role model (well except for Tavi)- the legendary Susie Bubble and bumped into her three times- (so we’re practically bezzies now-right?)- Though the third time she probably thought I was a freak/stalker, as me and my friend had dragged my mum (and followed Susie__((no, we had planned to go there too)) all the way to Topshop showspace just so my crazy friend could get a picture with her…Teens *sigh* Just to let you know, readers (if there are any *readers-DUH*- yikes) I didn’t manage to go to LFW yesterday (Monday, Day 4), because I am just a lovely family devoted child and decided to stay at home for my mum..err yea…I also went to my friends house and we made loads of collars because her mum is like a total style guru and stuff *Tres Chic Unique* But I did post an outfit blog and also nipped some gossip that came to me via my many fashion industry friends… *coughcoughtwittercoughcoughtwitcoughtwo* FAIL. But today me and my friend had a fab day and here I am, taking my free time *oh, the devotion* to tell you munchkins all about my day…slightly patronising, but let’s move on shall we? So you may have realised, what I am mainly doing for fashion week, (now you all know what the hell I’m talking ’bout) is writing a detailed post each day, on my favourite show that day, wheteher *spastic way of spelling whether*…I saw it or not. Today, I actually saw a show, properly, and I was so delighted that the first ever shows I saw in my whole life were: Louise Gray and Meadham Kirchoff, which both always have really exciting ad elaborate shows with not a boring second! I think it’s time to shut up (and drive drive drive drive, shut up -) and start talking about what was actually happening (down in da hood.)

^I really don’t blame you if you don’t understand this fist paragraph at all…I going through that kind of opinionistic phase when I just say what I think and quote stuff and use way too many star sings (*)…and you sit there like what the doo-dum? Please just ignore this introductory paragraph if you want, because I don’t actually think it gives you much but amusement (I just can’t bare to delete it after it took so long)- I am a dweeb. Half the time I don’t know what goes on in that little messed up brain of mine. Enough About me, more about…stuff. Yea, we should really get started, I’m rambling, I can tell.

So, I woke up in the morning *feeling like P-diddy*- only kids will get that, but I should really stop ending me sentences with quotes and stuff. Phwooh. This has to be professional, come on Ophelia, London Fashion Week. Ok, I’m ready- (I swear I’ve said that before every post.) So, as I was saying, I woke up in the morning at my friends house, surprislingly early…and went back to sleep. And then I woke up (at about 7:45 am) . We twiddled for a while and finished off my beautiful retro collar (D.I.Y post comin’ up!)- And then spent the whole morning (until 10:30 am) getting ready for our big LFW day out together (building up the tension here)- bathing, brushing hair *shock horror!* Mum arrived and we hopped in the car and me and Rocio (also a young fashion blogger) headed off to charing cross, were we walked to the stunning Somerset house (escpecially in the sun light!) Because my Mum was absent, we sort of walked around on our own, like tweedledum and tweedle dee, snapping photos, just being really stylish/cool fashion prodigys exectera (me being biased). We got quite a few looks *YAY* and I was pleased to be photographed many times+ by a few of the same people as on saturday, which was great- I am hoping I’ll turn up on a few blogs, which might boost my status and everyone will be thinking: “Who’s That girl?” (Pun intended.) There were way more people there than before and more shows too I think- everyone was rushing around and I have to say, I was extremely impressed by the clever and insanley fashionable put-togetherings we saw- gold medal to the ladies with peacock feathers curled round their bodies! Unluckly for my friend, Rocio (who everyone thought was my sister…n’aww), she forgot her sim card for her SLR, so I was the camera pretty much *more LFW photos to sort out- sigh*! It was only after a while when we spotted Miss. Bubble (only true fashionstas will know who) with her ‘clan of awesomes’ chatting casually and stuff, though as we approached she had to dash off for some kind of ingenious fashion misson or something like that. So, no Susie, no show, we just had to leave. Joking, my mother called for us, ha ha.

We stopped off at Starbucks for some grub (nom nom chicken sandwich)+ some energy boosting gelato at ‘Ginos’ and then headed for Topshop Showspace on Old billingsgate way (a lovely walk by the river!) We kind of sat awkwardly on the steps, but with a friend I was much more relaxed and evryone seemed less daunting. Several people took photos (you know, the usual) and we snapped more photos of majorly fearless dudenskas, whilst pretending to read magazines…At one point I saw someone wearing pinted knee-high boots from Louise Gray’s A/W 12 collection and I was like: “Oh-my-God someone’s wearing Louise Gray A/W 12 boots’ and then I realised it was Louise Gray. I kind of half peeded my pants. Joking. We didn’t want to go up to her and humiliate ourselves by acting like one of those annoying scwee-lee fans who suck up to you, so we just had to contain our excitement me jumping up and down on the spot, which actually caused her to look a t us. Wow. She was wearing that gorgeous Simone Rocha dress, with the trapped lace, that I saw in Dover Street Market, with her checkered-ish boots, clucth and some kind of cool head gear. Obviously she was surrounded by her oh-so-trendy friendies who all laughed trendily and stuff. As I had predicted Susie was there, but yet again we missed her. Poop. After that we just walked around in front of peoples cameras until people took a photo. Half-joke. But to cut to the chase, we were amazingly let through. Meadham Kirchoff is like huge. Huge, Huge- frickin’ Bip Ling (rapper/D-J), Susie. B, Louise Gray and that cool editor of some famous magazine were there. That’s gotta make it big, right? Me and Rocio stood up on the same balcony, doing victory dances to the disco music, I could tell something good was gonna come up. The worst thing was that everyone downstairs got these little gift bags with sweets and creepy kids things and cool stuff in them (just what I want. I’m wierd)- plus, there was glitter and sequins all of the chairs. There was a bit of smoke and coloured lights darting round too- Ohh! I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to explain his show. It was so intricate and layery and amazing and exciting and entertaining- you can really see the designers enjoy their work, are creating it and are not manufactering it- Meadham Kirchoff always produce such brill. shows, how could I sum up something that kind of hits heavan on the aesome scale without taking a week or something? Phwoooh. It’s on like donkey Kong *only kids would get this once again.* Sorry adults…you’re out of the loop.

So the show started. Old school music on. So I can say it was definatley girly, from the first moment. We had quirky knits and lots of glitter. Tonnes of colour and everything. Ok, I am just too tired to type and saw all of this, finding the time is one thing. I’ll just do a video. Phewww. Saying everything I’m thinking- sorry! Watch the video here and decide for youself, or watch mine (go for mine, really!)

So the show was just awesome:

feminine, girly, creepy-teenagers, glitter-bomb, tinsel,

feathers, extravaganza, disco, proud, confident, colourful, be-

jeweled, artistic, brocade, marie antoinette, huge hair, old

fashioned fairs, a crush together a old and new, candy floss

hair, layer on layer to create an intense concentrated effect,

make up slapped on, 80s-90s, cool London girls strutting

around ,

dance all night, girls who don’t need boys, stomping round

the dance floor, saturday night fever, monstrouslly fearless,

vivid, music played loud, you can’t go out unless yor legs are

coverd with wicked-witch-of-the-west lurex, a piece of art, an


of textures, collective, badges, FUN, happy, NOT neutral,

sequins, dyed fur, girlie knits, acid-washed denims, shabby

retro trousers, shaggy fur coats, joke-shop monster-hand

gloves, malibu barbie-gone wrong, glided brocade, sparkly

corsets/bodices over the top of americana printed blouses that

last accent, pom-pom

headgear, the hair you always wanted, spangly headbands

over towering beehives of artificial yellow and pink, plus

clumped up earings dangling like sliced up disco balls,

bounding with life, an explosion of shine and

clashing tartan suits or pinafores. Describe the Meadham

Kirchoff girl: WILD.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 ^Just above this there’s a slide show, or gallery or something- you have to click on all of the photos I took, they’re so good! Amazing- Meadham Kirchoff (always impress) – they’re known for their love of what they do and their anti-fashion approach to designing, the clothes were even wilder than the scene and I could tell from the first look that this was not going to be a show for the faint hearted, but for someone who wants to stand out no matter what. As they proudly strutted down the catwalk they busted a move in the disco floor, threw glitter and casually took off their coats (cos they’re too hot to dance in- DUH!) You go girls!  And to top off our extraoridnary day, we got to take home some tickets which were left behind that had M.K nail stickers on them YIIIPPEEEEE! Grabbed a fashion newspaper, finally got that photo with Susie and we left grinning from ear to ear. After someone telling us we were someday going to rule the world, I think we were satisfied. Great day, great people. I won’t be at Somerset house or London Fashion Week tommorow because most of the shows are men *no offence*, so I guess this is it. The last LFW post. I’ve had possibly the best week in my whole life- doing the thing I love, surrounded by inspiring people and amazing things. Thank you to all those people who’ve made London Fashion Week so enjoyable for me- I got 835 veiws on my blog in one day a few days ago, so thankyou to Susie Bubble who really boosted me with that tweet. I’ve really got so much confidence now I’ve met so many lovely people who I know people appreciate me and have helped my blog to chug along abit. Thank you to those people who let me in all the shows without tickets- that was amazing. Thanks most of all to my mum though. Who stood in the cold for an hour whilst I insited we had to get into Louise Gray show when it was only five minutes long, the Mum who doesn’t like catwalk shows or designers or anything that much, but let me drag her round London Fashion Week (holding my bags and helping) and she hasn’t complained once- boy, have you got brownie points! I love you! It’s the end of Fashion Week and I suppose it’s kind of sad and all, but it’s really changed my life and has been a great experience. I loved every moment. Well that’s it. Adios Amigos- See you next season!

14 Responses to “LFW DAY 5/4ish: An insight into me mind and a great day exectera. Meadham Kirchoff!”
  1. Next year i WILL go to LFW!!!!!!…….

  2. Don’t worry about not having tickets if we can’t score any…they usually let you slip in once everyone’s seated anyway! But I don’t care if there’s school- I MUST GO!!!!

  3. POPTUCKSHOP says:

    WOW you wrote a lot! So lucky you managed to sneak into the show, I didn’t know the location details (how did you get them?!) because otherwise I would have been there fighting to get in too! I am convinced I saw you the other day at Dover Street Market by the way, you gave me a really dirty look but I WILL FORGET ABOUT IT! (you were wearing a Miu Miu naked ladies collar I think…). I missed lots of school to go to the shows too

    • YO? Who are you by the way? And how did you find my blog? And thanks for commenting! 😀 And I am sure my “dirty look” was really not supposed to be dirty, I am tres sorry. Forgive me if you will?! Ohhh and which other day? 🙂 I go alot. By the way, usually I do not share my secrets with random people and you probably don’t want to declare who you are right here, so if you want to know all the LFW stuff then do use my email! (On the contacts page 🙂 Ophelia xx

  4. POPTUCKSHOP says:

    Haha you commented on the Rookie Meadham Kirchhoff studio visit article. It was during fashion week I went for lunch on the Saturday and you were there. Meadham Kirchhoff was in the Topshop showspace right?

    • yahh, Omigod I love love love meadham Kirchhoff it’s amazing. I love the way, it isn’t manufactured, it’s more created and all their stuff is super special. On the commentry Edward said he just picked up some sunglasses and put glitter on them, which makes it really cool cos you can actually DIY designer’s stuff yourself then, but at the same time it’s totally exclusive and personal to them. At the moment I’m trying to decorate my room like they do! 😛 I also got into the Louise Gray show (it was fabdiddlly oh-so), but it was at 6:00 pm and I was wearing this really unusual tu-tu and I felt so intimidated by all the oh-so-cool fashion adult-people staring at me…Your blog is really cool by the way! 😀

  5. POPTUCKSHOP says:

    So true what you say about the homemade quality to the pieces, I am just praying that there will be a sample sale at some point this year (and I don’t miss it by accident!!). Most of the stuff in my room is scattered across the floor and not on the walls where it probably should be! Thanks!

    • I feel so outta it! Do you know when and where the sample sales are because it’s simple imperedith that I have something by Meadham Kirchhoff! Seriously. Please do email me or something if you know any hot goss about the when where who how factor on sample sales! And really, no, thanks to you! What have I done except for being a fashion obssessed teen? Oh well. Best Wishes! 😀

  6. POPTUCKSHOP says:

    Ok I will try and remember to email if I find anything out, although if I do the invite will be going straight on my blog too! There has only been one sample sale in the past which I managed to find out about, it was last summer and I can’t remember where it was held. Let me know if you find out before me!!

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