LFW is officially over :(

-LFW is officially over, but, don’t be woeful, lets see what I wore each day- 

Saturday 18th

Next aviator jacket, Undeground spotted Brothel creepers, old school uniform pinafore dress, topshop skinny belt, Mui Mui S/S 10 D.I.Y-ed collar, H and M tights and vintage top of Mum’s! I was going for the ‘folk-fused with urban’ look.

Sunday 19th

 Louise Gray NEWGEN for Topshop tee, my little sister’s petticoat skirts, ballet tights, Asos round sunnies, even though you can’t see them, patterned converse…I was going for the Creepy-kid, Meadham Kirchoff inspired look.

Monday 20th

Wearing my Mum’s vintage designer dress, either by Issey Miyake or Yohjito Yamatomo or whatever, her greys-striped heels from Dune and that is actually it. This is inspired by Oriental stuff and china and all that. My five year old sister actually took these photos. No joke :0

Tuesday 21st

Topshop Navy High-waisted shorts, Zara silk baroque monochrome blouse, H and M tights, hat by Tony Merenda from Tony Merenda, glasses from Claires, Longchamp bad (from grandma), Topshop leather collared jacket, umbrella from some shop in London and love-heart lips in black liquid-eyeliner by RIMMEL+ I was wearing my creepies. I was going for the Doctor who by way of Charlie Chaplin look- vere adrogynous. This little kid actually asked why I was wearing lipstick if I was a boy. Result.

Winner of the all-round most entertaining and best show: Meadham Kirchoff.

Meadham Kirchoff A/W 12

Winner of the most genius-ly and perfectly put-together show: Simone Rocha.

Simone Rocha A/W 12

Winner of the longest waiting que to get in+ 3rd best show: Louise Gray (or Mary Katranzou– her show was stunning, sorry I didn’t have any time to blog about it. )


Louise Gray A/W 12

Winner of most artistically creative show: Sister By Sibling.

Sister By Sibling A/W 12

It’s all good knowing about the designers and shows, but what did the models think:

Like I said before…so I guess this is it. The last LFW post. I’ve had possibly the best week in my whole life- doing the thing I love, surrounded by inspiring people and amazing things. Thank you to all those people who’ve made London Fashion Week so enjoyable for me- I got 835 veiws on my blog in one day a few days ago, so thankyou to Susie Bubble who really boosted me with that tweet. I’ve really got so much confidence now I’ve met so many lovely people who I know people appreciate me and have helped my blog to chug along abit. Thank you to those people who let me in all the shows without tickets- that was amazing. Thanks most of all to my mum though. Who stood in the cold for an hour whilst I insited we had to get into Louise Gray show when it was only five minutes long, the Mum who doesn’t like catwalk shows or designers or anything that much, but let me drag her round London Fashion Week (holding my bags and helping) and she hasn’t complained once- boy, have you got brownie points! I love you! It’s the end of Fashion Week and I suppose it’s kind of sad and all, but it’s really changed my life and has been a great experience. I loved every moment. —That was seriously cheesy—Anyway, that’s it. Adios Amigos- See you next season!

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