Boutique Spotlight: Ragged Priest, Rokit, Beyond Retro and Blondie

Bonjourno fasionistas! It’s Friday night, fresh from London, today I will be informing you about my opinion on some cool shops to SHOP…Ugh my good that sounds really bad…Basically, you can either be uncool and be a poo. Or be cool and not be a poo. Serious now…So, we all know what a vintage shop is, yes? And we all know where to find them, no? Simples over…Over the course of this blog, I will take you Beyond Retro– in my Rokit, to the Ragged Priest, where he will turn you Blondie. Killer outfits, cheap shorts, we’re talking the ‘!nd!3 jumper’ for under £20 (WOWZA BOWZA), jersey tops for 13 quid and cheap dresses, to effortlessy layer- I think  ‘Beyond Retro’ could hit the spot for best vintage shop…’WHY? I hear you ask’- well, for the simple fact that it is cheap. Nice and cheap and lovely. We’re talking shorts for between £15 and £25, (and for those dumb asses out there, that is seriously good for a vintage store or for any store infact)- usually in vintage stores you get those varasity jumpers for £35 or something, and you’re like: -.-   So to all you budding style-misters (style-my-stir-s) out there, get off you buttocks and lets go go go, we’re talking Rokit, Blondie, Ragged Priest and Beyond Retro- it’s all the Spitalfeilds/ Shoreditch/Brick Lane area is the place to go…

Ok, so Ragged Priest is online, but Blondie, Rokit and Beyond Retro all have their place in the gem of Brick Lane Market- it’s that Spitalfeilds area, full of vintage beauties! Here’s a quick introduction to the three shops to get you started!


This shop is pretty much near the end of Brick Lane I think, it’s pretty small, but if you look hard, you’re sure to find something. I’m sorry to say that it is quite an expensive little bigger, due to the obvious fact it is vintage so valuable or something exectera. To be honest I’ve only actually been to Brick Lane a couple of times, so I’m not exactly the expert (then again when am I the expert?)…But it’s one worth looking into, cos is sure to have something there!


Blondie, blondie, blondie- oh, what can I say about you? Well, you are small, (then again, the smalle the better), but you have shoes in just about every size and colour. In row upon row of rainbow shades, there is a wide variety, from designer to normal dude who got sick of their shoes…A favourite of mine are their loafers, utterly cute and gorgeous and petite in my size (slightly expensive, but not majorly at all)- Oh, whoopie! A must to visit.

Beyond Retro:

So, I kind of found out about this one through the teenage girls magazine: ROOKIE, as I kind of stare at their ‘eye candy’ for ages, and then I finally decided to check out where the clothes were from and there it was, this awesome, cheap-o shop, that I explained before, some really nice pieces and I am definatley going to avoid the Topshop 30 something pound top and go for the vintage 25 pound genuine tie-up. Such gorgeous pretty summery clothes at really affordable prices 🙂 Another really cheap vintage store in that area is: Absolute Vintage. Good to go!

Ragged Priest: 

It started with moody washed out denims, blues and greys, and ripped sides and completely dipped in studs, with the (can I just say: GoRgeoUs) foil-tipped collars…To their latest collection of quirky pastel dip dyes americano style, tropical prints and 70’s peace signs- quite the transformation, but whichever style these garments are true first class, which kind of explains why they are umm really expensive! Though those of you whose piggy banks aren’t exactly fat and round *ahem ahem me*, well, we’d avoid this one…it’s too tempting to buy something, the clothes are amazing! (Ragged Priest is also available at Topshop Oxford Circus dowstairs.)

So there are lots of really nice shops around that area and it’s also good for food too, with Spitalfeilds market around the corner- you’re good to go for a fun day out 🙂 There’s always the option of ebay though…

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