When it’s Wednesday and you’re tired..

So I know posting has been preety much 100% crap-o-lop lately, but I have really been trying to get all my homework sussed, so I can have more time (for blogging) on the weekend. You see, it is hard to get the balance between, cello practice, flute practice, homework, normal-teenager social time and obssesed fashion blogging time. So today on this dreary London Wednesday night, as my aupair is soon going to run me up to bed, I will simply state some facts and stuff like that. To be honest Tavi Gevinson’s (“Here she goes again with the old ‘Tavi Gevinson’ lecture”) posts at the start of her blogging carrear Β (not being able to spell carrerar is annoying me) A.K.A around 2008 for all the naughties who haven’t done their research, aren’t even that good, but she still got the attention. So count your little self lucky!

Random cool collar. Topshop.

And on the topic of randomness…(See, random!) I love these Topshop jelly shoes- hirlaious!


Anyway, I just love this corset top from Asos (I dunno how much- check for yourself).Ok I know I am like 12 or something, and twelve year olds aren’t really supposed to wear corsets, but I so totally need this to wear over a floaty white blouse or something like that- it is seriously Prada season something- or- rather with her old-fashioned lip and mascara print pleat skirts (by the way their spring summer collection was gorgeous!) The lolly pop print below is from yet another Asos skirt, that is just super-duper cute and since I’m aiming to explore prints a bit more I could totally try thwacking these two pieces together in an awesome girly combination? I’m not sure (at the moment I don’t really have the cash!)

Corset Top

Shlow-lee pop!

Something else I am craving at the moment is sunglasses, perspecs, sunnies, what ever you like to call them? If you, like me, are a sunglasse fanatic and haven’t gone to Dover Street Market (Dover Street DUH?) You haven’t lived! They actually have glass cases of vintage sunnies: proper cat eyes, erdem lacess, complete freak-azoid huge eyebrow ones, they are just amazing. Β£276 pounds or something, but absolutely amazing. And a tip to all sunglasses-ers, it’s the independant boutiques or just designers who have the most daring sunnies: Prabal Gurung from Linda Farrow, or Vava Karen Walker cat ear sunnies. And I infact saw Miss. Bubble wearing, some- of these versatile (don’t know what that means, but it sounds cool) specs in this beautiful pastel (pastels are in) shade! Take a look *pun intended?* I WANT. These would go so good with a pair of Joane Stoker LED light up boots in purple..Ohh I can picture it! But why are sunglasses so so so so expensive, huh? The truth is I don’t know, but you can save yourself a lot of money and be “like so totes !nd!3 and get some off ebay”- I found these pastel (pastels again?) Pin cat eyes with dimante studs on the edges for Β£5.00 and they look nearly exactly like these huge dimante pink cat eyes from Liberty, so I guess the world make sense again! You’d be surprised, real good sunnies are at your fingetips- you just have to find them…

Cool huh?

Clompy shoes. CLOMPcLOMPcLoMp. I am seriously loving clompy shoes at the moment. To hell with the feminine shoes trend or whatever- I will always be for clumsy shoes- why try be something I’m not? Huh? We’re talking Susie Bubble’s Six-By-Six bloggers shoe, which is preety expensive for an outrageous violet pony skin and neon green plastic shoe, with a diformed heel. We’re also talking Jeffrey Campbell’s pale pink no-heeled-heel (it is amazing, like Alexander Mcqueen), ok, so I can’t actually move in them, but they have a HUGE clompy heel, therefore get in to the clompy category πŸ™‚ And if a person could talk any more (I know I could!)…We’re talking, platforms, no, we’re talking FLATFORMS! They’re like majorly the next biggest thing after the platform (DUH?) Everything just get’s higher: we’ve got creepers and those Goocy platform converse with sweets on them (would so go with my first all-things-sweet outfit!) Anyway, we must not dwell. Onward onward ever onward *as Mr. Matthews would say πŸ˜› *

Susie's Shoezie!

I wish I could pack more random rant-ation in, but this was supposed to be short! And infact, onward we do not go! I promise there’s tonnes of posts coming! For I am still 12 and thy parents still rule me. And I am told to go to bed. I bid thee well. I hope you have been inspired! All my love…Ophelia xxx By the way…Who’s giving me veiws from Siberia?

4 Responses to “When it’s Wednesday and you’re tired..”
  1. love the shoezies- wait, is that even a word? Can’t manage to post much these days either :(…

  2. Jinny/Ginny says:

    Lol! πŸ˜€ Love it!! If only Mr. Mathews could see this and listen to your words of wisdom!! πŸ˜€

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