Hmm, Nmmm, Humpety hmm.

That’s a real shit title, huh? Yeah. So, I guess I’ve been kind of not around lately and le blog has been all dead and stuff. I don’t know why blogging has been so sparse and hard-to-do lately,  and really don’t want to get into that whole moan-y cycle, but seriously dude, life doth preety much suckith at le moment.

To Life, 

You suck. Alot. One, you are endangering my ‘youthful’ (if I can call my life youthful still?) Life. Two, it’s pissing me off. And three, I’m not sure why you suck really, but please stop sucking or I WILL kick your ass. Promise. 

Signed, this-awesome-person-who-you’re-getting-on-the-wrong-side-of. 

I felt like doing that so deal with it. Anyway, blogging is running dry at the moment and questions are whizzing through my head. Ok, nothing is actually ‘whizzing’ (or walking?) Through my head at the moment because I have to say- things are preety blank. God of Fashion and all things ‘underful, do help please.

Oh, inspiration, flooding the brain,

Here in the morn then gone once again.

Childish thing so infantine, 

If only you could still be mine…

That seems unfinished or something, but there’s a bit of crappy ryhming for you 🙂 Do applaud. Anyway, back ot the point (I don’t remember there being one, except the fact I feel poo-ish for not posting for a while and it might be some consolation to me if I post some random crap-olop)…It has com to my attention that I am not able to post in the week really much. So, to satisfy you people out there, I have craftily devised a system *evil much?*, which will allow me to post photo-blogs in the week (so you can see what I’ve been up to) and then the standard, long-arse blogs on the weekend, and everyone other spare moment really. Comprende? Thoughts? Feelings? Rage? Blank? Welcome to the club  – . –

Anyway, enjoy these pictures whilst I rage at preety much everyone around me…Urgh can’t go to Street Dance it’s so bad.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyway dudes, enjoy thou weekend. And please don’t be al soppy like me!


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