Easter Holidays: Thoughtful Photo Blog

Finale mon. the Easter Holidays are here. We’ll start off with some photos of how Spring’s Shapin’ up here in England. How about you guys? My followers in Serbia? Or Korea? Is it Summer there too? Ah well, things (blogging, work, practice, poo) are pretty “cadoosh” -that’s not a word and I would say something else there but my parents are probably stalking my every movement so I better just leave it -.-  I took these on my super-duper cool £1,000  camera, huh? No, I took them on my (if I could say that) Sony Cyber-Shot Digital. You could say I got very up close and personal with these plant-ies, oh yes and my sister’s feet! I did have a foot fetish for a while when I just constantly took photos of feet, but I think I grew out of it…0.o At the moment I am trying to not centre my life around my blog. I have friends and art and fun stuff and *coughcoughcellocoughcoughleast-importantly* + various other things…I mean what’s the use of a blog if you don’t enjoy it? It is supposed to be fun anyway. So do Like and stuff. So tune in during the holidays “for more variety”. I mean stuff. I would say fashion, but this blog is about stuff I like. And although teachers ‘disaprove’ I think stuff is one of the most bestiest words ever. Don’t you? I think I’ll leave you with that. Over and Out.


2 Responses to “Easter Holidays: Thoughtful Photo Blog”
  1. lady-bug, lady-bug, lady-lady-lady-lady-lady-bug! Ba doom boom doom boom YEAH!

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