There’s no place like home…

There’s no place like home. Really. Is there? There’s nothing like your very own bedroom. Undergarments, magazines, makeup and sweet wrappers shoved under beds. And as our dear friend Bianca Stratford says, (as well as being a total trash dump like mine)…”A girl’s room is a personal place”- it’s crammed with whispers, gossip and memories and dark secrets hiding in worn-out crevices. Sad things and happy things, creepy obsessions, exploration and things we’d just rather forget. It’s where we cry our eyes out, fart (c’mon I know you do) and stay up all night giggling with our friends and all that crap. If nothing there’s one thing to clear up the sheer madness of adolescence, it has to be that place where you call your own. So as you may have guessed, a girls room, is not just a room; it is a treasure box of un found things and of everything you’ve ever known, and it with holds the greatest treasure of all: yes, YOU *tres cheesy*. Now, if you’re one of those unlucky kids like me, who’ve had to endure the agony of sleeping in the same room as another sibling, I true-ly feel for you. But dude, it’s really not that bad. I mean, I’ve slept in the same tiny sleigh bed (I had when I was 5 or something,) for my whole life and I’ve pretty much slept in the same pink and white, kiddie room, with my grumpy older sister, my whole life. And miracle it is so, I am still alive. *Partly because me and my sister are like, uber-close!* But anyway, the point is, you’re gonna be with your room for a hell of a long time. So you better get to grips with it. Meaning decoration or something like that. If you’re like me, then you’ll like this post, if you’re not like me, you’ll probably like this post too, but hey, the more the merrier! 😀

1. What makes you happy?

Ok so, it is vital that your room is filled with things that make you happy…(Minus school books you can’t just through them out side or something’s gonna go down.) I’ve been thinking about possessions and what we own, and stuff, so does what we have define us? Do our possessions reflect who we are or who we want to be? Well, there’s not really one answer, but for me…No, if you owned nothing does that mean you are nothing? If you’re poor what does that say about you then? Ok, so I know I’m talking about ROOMS here, but let’s get this straight: *in my opinion* what you have in your room does not have to reflect who you are, it only has to make you happy. You got dat? Cool tings.

2. Decide the theme.

It’s good to have a theme, other wise you have a clash: so pick colours and textures of types of things so you can get the feel. Pour example: if you’re going for the ‘Virgin Suicides’ look, then you’ll want white walls and light, pastel colours everywhere (mostly creams, whites and pale blues with some exceptions.) The whole concept of the Virgin Suicides is that these sisters are ‘trapped’ in their rooms by their over protective, strict and religious parents who are determined to preserve their innocence after one of them commits suicide. So you want rosemary beads and candles and mini statues lying around and vintage perfume bottles long finished, creepy old dolls, withered flowers, oh definitely collections of beads e.t.c, +anything in a jar. Holy books perched on shelves and clusters of crosses, untouched makeup and old wrappers, random shit and pretty much anything pretty and appropriate is decoration. Florals are good for curtains or simply fabrics lying around and I know it’s creepy but even silk bras lying around is a good effect and lacy dresses hung on walls is cool too! Obsession is creepy like the Lisbon sisters so even make a shrine to your favourite band or something like they do for their sister Celia after she dies. If you’re American (not being stereo typical here) it should be easier to get all this stuff in a thrift store for under £20, but if you’re in London, well, lets just say it’ll be much harder. Anyway, this was just an example, you can base your room around a movie or book, or neither (though it does help!) Covering your walls with what you like is a simple alternative if you don’t wanna do the whole make over, but I guess for me, I just go with the flow I suppose: a bit of creepy, a bit of pretty random shit and it all mixes up quite nicely I have to say 🙂

3. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s stupid or something.

Ok, this is pretty simple. It’s your stuff. And your shit. So if that’s the way you want things to be, then that’s how they will be- your room is one of the only things you can call your own (in some situations) so make the most of it. And don’t let anyone mess it up. I don’t think parents really understand the concept that they have the house, but your room is YOURS. Anyway, for sudden inspiration check out this article and this article on ROOKIE. “Ok so now you know the plan. Imma go show the plan to somebody else”- quote from a movie 😉

Here’s just a few of my creepy photos of my room and yeah, basically random shit. So enjoy dudes.

I’m sort of obsessed with my little sister’s princess light.


Beside my bed. My sister’s barbie which I borrowed *coughcoughstolecoughcough*, my wall, which like my bedside table, I must make better use of! And I nearly forgot, my neon fluffy wig! Here’s the scoop dudes…I’m all like: ‘Yea, Imma buy a wig’ (this one’s the one I had when I was 5  or something, but anyway) ‘and then ASOS are all like: wigs are so “in” and I’m like: “Yea, you heard it, imma trend setter…”

You guys are lucky. My back alley here is where I DUMP my clothes after a long day of excruciating school…Haaa.

My Mum’s old Anna Sui bottle of perfume (I ❤ old perfume bottles- especially the ones with the pumps!) My old prefect badge, random hair ties, vintage ear rings (clip ons), little girl statue and random shit.

Hubba Bubba Wrappers, retro ice cream lip balm, my headband -(remind me to get fake flowers from somewhere and make more!) Ugly bangles I never wear, some ammonite stone or something (I used to be obsessed with gem stones exectera), a ceramic doll and books.

This is my glitter box. I have so much pretty crap everywhere I have to store it somewhere! So here it is. Rather cool huh?

So the infamous naked lady collar that I DIY-ed. Err and kiddie books and diaries.

Ok so you get the gist right? My room is kind of a just: leave-everything-everywhere-and-it-looks-preety-good situation, but I really do need to make the most of it! I have a huge white wall (collaging DUH?!) I have lots of shelves (good for the old-trailer-tash technique), but once I kick my older sister out, I’ll have more space for everything. I’m planning on completely covering my wall –> (with my collages, pictures and posters) and doing some paintings straight onto the wall above my bed- dunnoe how that’s gonna go down :/ Once I’ve removed one of my shelves, I am going to hang up some pretty dresses for decoration. I’m also planning on buying a shoe rack and entwining some fake flowers onto it and hanging in on the back of my door and then putting my shoe collection there. My dream is to buy Susie Bubble’s six by Six blogger shoe, and the Jeffrey Campbell Night Walker Shoe (no heel, beautiful+ leather pink remember?) And some more creepies- pastel hopefully…(<3 LONG LIVE CREEPERS <3) And maybe some platform converse and those lilac dinasoar shoes Tavi has, and those LED light up shoes Susie has, and then those awesome rainbow bulky heels Petra and some random lady at LFW had. UHHHHSSUMMM. And then I will make a shrine to something awesome. Maybe Tavi or something (bit creepy huh? Maybe not.) Or someone like that excectera, where the old fireplace used to be before we pesky homo sapiens moved in! And I will have lots of glitter (GLITTER GLITTER GLITTER OBSESSION) in jars and withered or un-withered and fake or non fake FLOWERS everywhere. And by the time I’ve gone to America about a gizillion times, I will have a beautiful mix of thrift, vintage, high-street and designer and I will eventually fill up a walk in wardrobe 🙂 I wish my room was like….(you know what I’m gonna say but I really mean it now) TAVI GEVINSON‘s (-and I’ve put a link on the name below as well cos she’s that cool!)

And once again, everything comes down to TAVI. She is so inspirational and artistic and original and totally my LIFE DUDE (dunno why I said it liked that but it seemed appropriate at the time)- so search my blog for that huge educational post I did on her if you’re a newcomer (or if you don’t have the time or thought just quickly watch this interview StyleLikeU did of her!)

So I guess that’s pretty much it. Have fun styling your rooms dudes and um, yeah. Anything else I need to say? Urm. Yes. There is a photo blog on my random shit coming up, because I didn’t want to bore you too much on this blog, ok? So be prepared. Plus there are gonna be more photo blogs over the hols and an outfit post coming up. And a debate-y post, and an emerging person post, coming up to so things seem to be pretty packed for me. If I go somewhere there’ll also be a post on that too. Ok so I think I’m dun. Stop talking Ophelia. Shut up now. Click the publish button and Leave. Final good bye’s? YES. Good bye and see you tomorrow or something! Adios Amigos.

4 Responses to “There’s no place like home…”
  1. Jinny/Ginny says:

    Lol u took the question from PSHE!! 😛

  2. Mikiko says:

    Wow. YOU should make a shrine to Tavi. Okay, I’m just kidding. Halfway.

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