Outfit post…Are you a witch? :D

Hey dudesnkas, sorry I didn’t post yesterday I was out on Brick Lane (I’ll post ’bout that later!) So here’s a quick outfit post…

This is what I wore like 2 weekends ago…I was really busy though so I didn’t upload them! So here they are. Really the Meadham Kirchhoff A/W 12 show sparked this look off, anand it sort of formed around these two accsesories: my Monster Clutch and my lurex stockings. I thought that the Meadham Kirchhoff show was really amazing, and really fun actually. There was such a variety in texture and they really approach their work as a form of art and I think that comes out really well in their collections. So I paired my chunky pink Topshop knit with some pettycoats I had lying around, the knee socks are a bit big, but I thought they suited pretty well. I wasn’t sure about if the collar fit, but I decided it kind of added some edge as such. It was hard not to just keep on adding things, but in the end I managed to balance it out….

Asos striped lurex over-the-knee socks, ‘superemes’ coloured badges (from exhibition), office navy slippers, thrifted petticoats, topshop pink jumper, DIY-ed Mui Mui naked lady collar, barbie sticker+heart earrings, DIY-ed strawberry shortcake head band and Montsers INC. clutch (little sister’s pencil case.)Β 

This next look is odd because although it’s not the most trendy or outgoing or expensive outfit or anything, it’s probably my favourite. The stripey top was my Dad’s in the 90’s and I’ve always felt really down to earth slash ‘at home’ in it- never knew why until a few days ago when my Mum told me it was the first thing I was wrapped in when I was born. Ahh-awww-ewww-teeww. It also happens to be possibly theee comfiest thing ever, perfect for dancing in, can be worn as a funky dress (+belt) for parties or just a tee-shirt for lounging around at home and the best thing is it feels super- duper amazing- when I walk down the street I see little kids laugh at me and I think: “This t-shirt brings good vibes.” I sort of dressed-it-up half grungy with some deco door-knocker earrings in emerald (my favourite colour possibly?) These vintage cat eyes, a dash of coral lip and my Susie slash Malaysian grandma top knot. It’s cool ‘cos it’s really eclectic: glamorous and casj at the same time- I used my grey marl hoodieΒ to add an element of sportiness too *gettin’ ready for the olympics 2012* Β πŸ˜€ love this outfit to biiiiits!

80’s funk tee shirt from Dad, Topshop brown skinny belt, black topshop high waisted shorts, Urban Outfitter’s lipstick in Nemo, ASOS emeraldine door knocker clip-ons, converse+socks, short-lived vintage cat-eyes from North Cross Road vintage store. Oh and Topshop grey Marl Hoodie!Β 

This last look is funny. It was really inspired by…(guess who)..TAVI. And I kind of fell in love with the look. It’s very gothic, but makes me feel really bad-ass at the same time so it’s fine. The colours are pretty monochromatic, but now I kind of wished I’d added a pop of colour like a flower wreath head band or something (preferably pink.) I hadn’t really ever worn a maxi (or midi, which one is this?) skirt before so I was keen to try one so I seized my chance when my sister received this concert dress for her birthday- I was desperate so I simply tucked the arms in and secured with a studded belt. Do you like my top? I used a sharpie and did it myself- I’m sorry for the lack of close-ups, but it says “RIOT not DIET” (like in the Meadham Kirchhoff S/S 12 show) and I added a rainbow and ghost design from their A/W 12 show! I was hoping to wear my gorgeous new vintage ‘fiver’ raincoat, but it weighed down the look too much, so I stuck with a flimsy leather jacket instead. I wasn’t sure about the creepers. I wanted to wear them because they looked odd, but I wasn’t sure if they were scary enough- I think I was partly unsure because I was scared I’d get mugged when I walked out the door. The funniest thing about this outfit is that I was walking down my high street wearing this and this little girl asked me if I was a witch, because “I looked like one!” Little did she know I was buying Easter Eggs for my sister! Like my black lippies by the way? It took ages to perfect- I used face paint *sigh*, but I’m going to order some real lipstick from Illmasqua soon πŸ˜€ MMUUAHAHAHA

Mini photo shoot below…

^When I get bored of trying to pose cool…

Asos Maxi dress, H and M tee shirt with eyes on the back, thrifted necklace, creepers from Underground, Tights H and M, studded belt ASOS, H and M leather jacket, Snazaroo face paint in black (used on lips), vintage cat eye sunnies from North Cross Road Vintage Store- Dulwich.Β 

Inspired by….

Lastly, I drew my friend and she drew me (I’m on the right, she’s the left, see?) See you tommorow

19 Responses to “Outfit post…Are you a witch? :D”
  1. theo says:

    arr my crap drawing *sigh*

  2. Lissy Reid says:

    Taken by me πŸ˜‰ outside my house hahaa xx

  3. Mikiko says:

    Are you really just 12? You’ve got quite the knack for words and fashion. Keep at it!

  4. maya.autumn says:

    hey thereeee! i just found your blog through rookie…’tis pretty cool, i seriously love these outfits<3
    check out my blog if you want:
    http://cottonmixblog.blogspot.com x

  5. ARE you a witch?… ;b

  6. Max Ash Black says:

    hey Ophelia miss u heeeeeeeeaps! hope i get to see u sometime in london, this blog is great it’s really taken off! nice stuff cous!
    do u ever remember the name ‘Opi-one-kenopi’? that was an awesome name! oh and i saw your cello vids nice work u sounded great! πŸ˜‰

  7. Ginny says:

    “Are you a good witch or a bad witch?”

    “What me, why I’m not a witch at all”

    “OH! Then welcome to…”

    “NEW OZ!”

  8. I love the FUNK top! Just below the FUNK logo, there is some writing, what does it say?

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