It’s the weekend NA NA NA NAAA

Hey dudes! How ya dooooing? Well, me? I am broke and broke and things are tres dull. Why are there no cheap vintage stores or better still, thrift stores, in London? Huh? That is the question. Suggestions, my fellow fashionistas? Anyway, to distract myself from reality, I’m here to give you the lowdown for Spring/ Summer (if you can call this weather Summer…) +My favourite trends and what’s on my wishlist. Here we go.

– Pretty girl: this is a huge trend that is closely tied to other semi-trends such as pastels, cute-suits, midrift or embellishment looks- it sparked off with Meadham Kirchhoff and is obviously big for Spring because of ‘florals and prettiness’ and all that crap. Add tomboy shoes like brogues to dress down a girlie look or toughen up a floaty sheer dress with pastel shade dip-dye denim. I’m loving preety embellishment for Spring and thinking that the clean cut of a shorts + mini blazer suit add edgyness to a feminine blouse or kitsch bandeu (-getting ready for Summer! Heheheh)

– What’s Cookin’ good looking? After Katranzou’s culinary take on her signiture prints  and Dolce and Gabanna’s work-appropriate (I don’t know how to say it…simple, masculine, whatever) carrot/chilli/pepper print suit, {oh and gorgeous deco earrings with pasta} I think we’re ok to say something creative’s bubbling up in the fashion hub. Mulberry’s dresses resembled ice lollys (FAB, REFRESHER E.T.C) and ad campaign featured models at Brighton beach surrounded by giant rock candy and stuffing their faces with Mr. Whippy cream! Asos say ‘it’s time to make a meal of it.’

– Statement denim. After House Of Holland’s Crazy cloud collection, dip dye and denim are you new bum-fix {ha ha I’m so funnnnnyy :D} Acid bleach is the new way to make a statement.

– Tropical. Ok so when I say tropical I mean my drooling over Maarten Van Der Hoorst’s work. Yeah. So basically this look is Maarten Van Der Hoorst really; I love his masculine seperates, mixed with his Italian by-way-of-Hawaii prints- that really ‘do the talking for his pieces’. Susie was definatley right in choosing him to work with as her ‘upcoming desinger’ for the Peroni collaboration and I particularly loved the way they approached desinging and creating their shirt. The nylon petticoats around the arms in the beautiful mint colour give the shirt shape and some texture and sort of, I dunno, I would say weight, but more depth or something intense like that, ah VOLUME, that’s the word. They wanted to push the silhouette to more Italian style and I think in the end the shirt seemed pretty de-flattering, with bits sticking out flamboyantly at the edges like a blossoming flower, but to me it was totally fresh and sheek, and exotically crazy- it expresses Maarten’s personal sense of humour and decedance and his understanding of Italian style. He wants he stuff to be something that his friends will like and wear and feel good in+ I’d definatley wear Maarten’s shirt (with my sunnies *I’m obsessed with sunnies*). It’s definatley a shirt to make a statement. Oh Damn I got onto a rant. But it’s actually not just Maarten Van Der Horst who makes these, the ‘Tropical Trend’ has managed to trickle quite successfully into High Street stores like Topshop exectera. ME GUSTA THIS LOOK!

– P-J Time. There’s this whole new Pajama trend through fashion at the mo, it’s preety simple I think: wear silk PJs and you pull it off- prints are a favorite of mine though (ME GUSTA AGAIN)- Prada’s collection of car prints are gorgeous and amazing and Prada.

-My beauty round up: wigs (I thought that one up!) Pop-of-colour lips (inspired by Katranzou) and florals (pink lips and a fade to black at Prabal Gurung.) Continuing on from Christmases novelty trend we’re getting lazy with nail wraps feauturing cutsey fruits exectera.

I’m pretty proud of myself for dishing out these Spring trends without my ASOS bible (WHY YOU NO COME?!?!?!?) So here’s just a few of the things that are on my radar for Spring…

Bomber jackets- cute obviously,

brocade or navy or embellished or

something 🙂

An edgy skater girl skirt or full

skirt- worn with a (midrift showing)

bralet in brocade, creamy pink

colour and a trench


Granny sandals in a pastel colour-

hopefully mint jellies (cheap- from


 Black Illamasqua lipstick for

creepiness *_*

Fake flowers for making more head

bands and for lying around the

house awesome-ly.

Cheap shit from American thrift

stores like bracelets and old

perfumes/ lipsticks and vintage

comics +clothing: cheap and


 And huge heels for staggering

around in- cool heels or platforms –

Jeffrey Campbell night walkers

without a heel 😀

An ear cuff. FULL STOP.

 Cool detachable collarlashes!

Lashes (from ASOS- the awesome


Peplums: ladylike, laser cut and

awesome- (I saw the most amazing

grey marl jersey one in this

outrageously expensive shop in




A polaroid or Diana Camera.

A colourful wig, dip-dyed hair or

crazy bangs. I don’t know. I’m a

teenager, basically. I always want

something eccentric.


Wearing swimsuits under shorts for

the untimate sunny summa! 😀

I hope this has been educational and fun and as non-boring as possible. I hope this has been inspiring and yeah. HAPPY EASTER BUNNY DAY PEOPLES! Geeeeet Shoppaing!  ^.^ Awww…Sorry I can’t stop talking, I must go. By the way, if none of this makes sense I blame the movie I’m watching for distracting.

NOW I MUST GO. Adios Amigos.

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  1. Opi nice entry this one.I love it! Beso. Alex

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