On-My-Radar: Petra Collins.


Hey dudes (- it’s practically a daily tradition now!) I’ve been scouting the internet and one teen in particular has caught my eye. It’s Petra Collins, the 19 year old rad Toronto photographer’s work has graced the pages of magazines from snazzy ‘Vogue Italia’ to erotic ‘Jacques magazine’. And if that’s not good enough, she happens to be witty, gorgeous, extremely talented and the official photographer for the {amazing} online teen-magazine ROOKIE- started by her close friend: fashion ‘wunderkind’ Tavi Gevinson. So what’s so special about her photos? Well, after French Vogue’s provocative photoshoot featuring just 10- year old Thylane Blondeu, there’s been a lot of controversy within the fashion industry concerning the sexualisation of young women. And Petra’s photos have caused alot of buzz among the public. She explains that when she’s shooting a girl who’s nude, she wants to be shot and is completely in control of the photo- “pornography is a negative word where the subject is more of a victim” and with her photos, Petra aims to picture girls who love the way their body is. Her parents are fine with it because it’s not a big deal.

She’s been taking photos from the age of sixteen and obviously, like our good friend Tavi (ahahha *mini excite attack*), she gets some haters because of her age, but also gets praised because of her maturity and confidence towards what she loves doing. I think being greatly influenced by movies and TV shows as a kid really comes out in her photos- each shot tells a story, whether it’s something personal memory or influenced by her favorite scene from a movie or something- there’s always something really magical about them. But it’s not just her nude shots that are the bomb (-get used to me saying that haah,) her photos look like they’re from another world, totally dipped in candy and ultra mystical- I wish I was one of her  21st century pre-raphelit-ish models! And if that isn’t enough, she’s started an online collective of young girls work (collages, art, photography) called ‘The Ardorous.’ Even in modern day life, the world is still fairly male-dominated and she wanted to get young girls work out there and give teens like herself a platform where they can openly display their work and not be terrorised about it, but be noticed for the true talent they have.

This is an awesome interveiw by Fashion Television that’s really interesting. So I’ve tried not to make this really boring or tell you guys her whole life story or anything, but I just think she’s {LIKE} majorly awesome and although her photos can make people feel uncomfortable, most are pretty cool. If you’re reading this Petra, sorry for reblogging {LIKE} all of your tumblr (haaha) and I’m a total fan and budding photographer. Spread the love dudes.

*The photos on this post are {some- there are so many} of my favorites and are all from the Petra Collins website.

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