Oh, Sadie, you’re so fine.

To Sadie,
My friend and fellow blogger, I’m sorry I’ve been such a bum and not posted this sooner, but I’ve been awfully busy. Ahh finally their up- I hope you get lots of veiws on your blog (Stepping Stones) today, and I could maybe say you owe me now. These are wonderful- thanks a bunch! And to my readers: Do enjoy! She’s a gem!
Who’s That Girl x
H and M tights, TK max brogues, Zara basic embroidered blouse, School Pinafore dreess, Topshop skinny belt, DIY-ed Mui Mui collar and boden hat. 
Dad’s shirt from Zara Man, H and M tights and Asos knitted jumper. Urban Outfitters red lipstick, barbie mag earrings and vintage belt (unknown.)
Urban outfitters sheer embroidered shirt, Topshop wavy cotton bodycon dress, asos emeraldine earrings, coral lips from U/O, H and M tights, Office slippers.
Topshop High waisted shorts, Asos sheer panelled shirt and random hair clip. 
Zara scarf, Asos round colour block sunnies, Topshop skirt and top, H and M tights, TK max brogues, Venice Beach hat (my Dad’s!)
 Sheer skirt worn as dress (unknown), Melborne Vintage Shoal, Vivienne Westwood scarf, Poppy and Daisy Spitalfeilds headband and Ballet Tights.
*All photos Styled, directed and shot by Ophelia Horton.
*Modelled by Sadie.
* Thanks to my Sony cybershot Camera and My house and to Sadie and to fashion for always being there for me.
Now for the interveiw!
3 interesting facts about you? 1. I am very very VERY messy, my room is completely cluttered with my stuff! 2. I look very similar to my friend and I keep getting chased by her sisters friends who are in year 9 (incredibly intimidating). 3.I love writing, things to do fashion, art, designing things and being creative.
Why did you start your blog? Well, it was because I knew that you had a blog, so I checked it out and thought that it was a great way to share my thoughts on things with other people, so I got blogging and it kind of went from there.
Describe your style? Random. I dress how I feel, if I feel happy, I will wear bright bubbly clothes; if I feel like being a bit of a fashionista, I will go through my clothes and pick out my most  favourite and stylish clothes.
Inspirational people/muses? I love Eliza Doolittle’s fashion. I actually did a post on her, but it rambles on a bit. She wears really nice, bright, popping colours together and I like that. Also, as most people usually say, I like Alexa Chung’s style.
Favourite shops? Urban Outfitters full stop. It, to me, is THE best clothes shop EVER, no question. The style is a mixture of urban, casual and alot more styles. If you haven’t heard of it , now is your chance to find out how great it is yourself. I actually did a post on it too…
If you were alone in your house and it was burning down and you could only save one item of clothing, what would it be? Wow, that is a tough question….. it could be my mini boden cable knit cardi/jumper, as I have had it for so long and it practically goes with anything.
If you were stuck on a desert island and could only take three songs with you on your ipod, what would they be?  Give it all back (Noah and the Whale), Video games (Lana Del Rey) and Born to Die (Lana Del Rey).
Best place on earth?  Well, I haven’t actually been there, but I would say Venice, as it looks so nice and it’s in my blood.
Favourite Magazines?.. I’m not really a magazine person ,so I don’t have an answer for this one.
Favourite designers? Ummm… I think Ellie Saab’s designs are nice.
any thing else you just randomly want to say about your self… nope.
From Sadie x
Sorry dudes but there’ll probably not be any posting in the next two days because I am 12 remember and I {have a life} *cough* have friends over so I’ll see you ASAP fashionistas!
15 Responses to “Oh, Sadie, you’re so fine.”
  1. I feel proud! We should do that again sometime…

  2. donnawebley says:

    Love the photo in the snow! Xx You should update your interviews page :p xoxo

  3. cheezy says:

    you go girl…

  4. Jar Of Salt says:

    Great styling and composition for Sadie’s shots — I’m loving both your blogs! 🙂

  5. Ellie says:

    Saw your blog in a magazine and thought I’d check it out and its amazing! Wish I was as amazing at photography as you! Love your Dad’s shirt and the Zara scarf (do you know how much it was?)

  6. Rue says:

    Just wanted to say how much I love the second last photo in this set and the first one of her lying on the bed in the beaut pink shirt. So obsessed with your blog right now you have no Idea 🙂

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