Can you catch up with this cool cid/kid? NEVER.


Hey dudes. How yah doooing? <As our good friend Joey would say! I just wanted to apologise for the lack of posting. I am absolutley shattered from banana-biking, swimming and even watching ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ {oooohhh} today with my friend…{We’re chips off the old block!} And I also went to Hampton Court Gardens yesterday for a picnic with another friend, took a trip down Old Brick{lin} Lane and even went shopping to good old westie-ville {to get random crap: bikini, 4-5 year old size shirt worn as a crop top, my little-pony clips- haa I’m a total dweeb} and lastly some platform VANS FOR ONLY £22! :O …so adolescence is going well! {Questions welcome to those nosey von posey ones, I can’t be bothered to link tags exectera}+ I’ve only noticed I’ve spent my whole life spelling exectera wrong. Oh well. This post is preety random- just for the sake of doing a post and telling you guys though I’m shattered, I’m still alive- don’t worry.

So here’s the update/scoop sounds cooler: I can’t stop wearing my Louise Gray for Topshop NEWGEN metallic pink/green/red skeleleton tee shirt, either with a peplum (AKA my sister’s nursery skirt ha) with crazy clumpy brogue heels (-the only ones I don’t fall over in) and a huge furry jacket, or with purposley trashy kiddie bracelets, flower headband, jeans and platform neon pink vans, or simply with my Meadham Kirchhoff-y petticoats, monsters INC. furry clutch and freaky-geeky specs. My stripey ‘funk’ top is now my official most worn item as well (just for the record!) But yeah so, how’s you guys? My viewers in Taiwan, Croatia, Korea, Siberia? Done anything fun this half term? I have! Now I’m going to get some sleepy-byes. And save my good energy for a fresh blogger-y start tommorow. Adios Amigos. And a peaceful goodnight.





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