A three-way blobbiversary and other musings…

*Ok so unless you have any care for my well-being or are just genuinly interested in a seriously odd person’s random musings, do not read the paragraphs in bold for the sake of preserving your own time and sanity. You know, Typical me.

{Hi. *Shock horror*- I didn’t merrily greet you with my usual catchphrase did I? And why do you think that is? {Don’t even bother trying to guess you little sucker because you have no chance}…Nope? Well, this is because a certain hot chocolate (who a certain someone stupidly decided they were going to offer to someone else) was recently spilt on my Louise Gray NEWGEN tee which I desperately needed for a post due later today *trying extremely hard to restrict ones self from swearing*… The fact that my tee-shirt is now either ruined or temporarily unavailable seems to bring to my attention that I did neither of the things I wanted to get done today and may die because of lack of awesome-ness in my life, so that’s just fabulous isn’t it? 

On a more happy note, today it may be my blobbiversary! Well, the thing is, I didn’t think the blog would’ve lasted this long, and being a foolish little 11-year-old, I didn’t even record the date I started it! Ha. But thanks to the internet, good ol’ word press recorded it for me, so I know that I started my blog last April, which is kind of convenient because then I can celebrate for the whole month , rather than simply a day. I’m just proud of myself for not pressing the “DELETE AND DIE BLOG DIE!” At times like this when I could kill someone; but I wish my parents would be a bit more celebratory you’d think my (blog stalker) Dad would’ve already looked into it oh well, they’re probably saving up for something when I hit 100 posts!  *wink wink, nudge nudge*

Anyway, sorry for not posting yesterday, I am so frustrated with myself for not doing anything all day and practically curling into a ball and snuggling round the computer all day: we could call it a relationship. So I promise I will never ever do that in my life ever truly again. Just Joking, I bet I’ll do that in a week or something haha. The upside {there’s one to everything :} is that I re-did my homepage and added loads of groovy (ahh “groovy”, how long since someone said that?) Widgets: a search bar, easy-click ‘follow me’ button, categories/ archives, + you can see my tweets and I’ve even gone global and have a Facebook page to LIKE- geeez I know!  So that’s Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress and Facebook now WOW! And apart from that I’ve just been enjoying my adolescence and half term= hanging out with friends really…(also, what does ye think of a “what I’ve been doing lately” post?)

So now you know my life story, I should really get onto something important, huh? This post was going to be one on 3 ways to wear Louise Gray NEWGEN, but now that’s out the window I guess we’re going to have to suffice…NO! I’m not sufficial, actually I will have to suffice damn. The tops still wet from the washing machine. Oh well. I’m such a ranter…For (I was going to say Heath Ledger but now I’ll say Joseph Gordon Levitt)’s Sake LETS GET STARTED!!! }

3 ways to wear LOUISE GRAY

NEWGEN TEE (before crap gets

spilt on it!) 😀

Ok so recently I can’t keep my hands off my lovely- juvely Louise Gray NEWGEN (10 years) tee shirt: it IS the most gorgeous thing ever {FACT} and with it’s metallic baby pink/mint green/rose red eccentric skeleton-like print, it’s the hottest thing for miles around- and as well as being the ULTIMATE show-stopper it provides appropriate suit for nearly breaky lunch & dinner! Here’s the lowdown…shmowdown.

1. Casj (AKA Casual.)

Sometimes the best thing is to just wear jeans and a Tee shirt huh? You’re tired of lying on the floor wiggling around trying to look for inspiration around your room (or I’m guessing that’s just me…) Anyway, you just want to wear jeans and a tee shirt and not look like a total idiot for just dressing the norm. Well, with Louise Gray’s quirky prints you can let your tee do the talking: take like me and whip on some skinnies, pink platform van-look-a-likes (ahaha from Topshop only £22!)…Your comfiest hoody, queer lookin’ sunnies, ‘My Little Pony’ hair pins and {the must-have} purposely trashy bracelets, you’ve nailed the creepy kiddie (hence the pink/homemade bracelets + ‘My Little Pony’ clips) and looked like a completely sane human being at the same, simply by adding the right accesories. Ahh I make myself sound like such a whiz-kid in these blogs…

2. Meadham Kirchhoff- Esque…

Petticoats, Fluffiness and novelty: it screams Meadham Kirchhoff…and also happens to be three of my favourite things in the world. Waheeey! These are the times when I feel so lucky to have a pink+barbie+awesome obsessed little sister- I don’t think I’ve ever before stolen more of her clothes- haha! So this look you have to work out for your self really, it’s all ’bout personal style and finding yourself *I’m so cheesy…* So just grab anything really…creepy kid bracelets, ‘My Little Pony’ and Smurfette barettes {you can get them from H and M} (yet again- I’m obsessed with kiddie crap OK!?) This look is very wide spread, but just be your self and always COLLECT!

3. Ophelia’s Mix…A Party Or Something? (OK I’M SORRY THE NAMES ARE CRAP OK?!) 

This look is kinda weird ok? ACCEPT IT.  The socks were made by myself and inspired by the hole-y Rodarte tights, the grey nursery skirt belonging to my little sister (worn around the waist) adds shape? + it was the closet thing to a peplum {so had to do…} The brogue shoes are the only heels I don’t fall over in + they’re clunky & comfy therefore are sort of perfect and lastly the fluffy jacket is from mango and is warm and adds volume? I kind of felt lost for inspiration with this one and just mashed up anything in sight (and tried to sort of keep along of the guide lines of trendy?) If you’re seriously cool and outgoing (which you must be if you have the guts to read my stuff) you’d wear this to a party: with a twist on this seasons peplum and a mix of textures and prints you’re sure to be the most intriguingly awesome person around. FACT.


From the top: 1. Van-like- platform canvas shoes from Topshop, 2. and 3. My Little Pony Hair Accessories from H & M, 4. the shoes again, 5. Poppy and Daisy Spitalfeilds pale pink flower headband, 6. Asos colour block sunnies, 7. Creepy kid bracelts (my own) and 8. Monsters inc. clutch (my own pencil case!)


6 Responses to “A three-way blobbiversary and other musings…”
  1. maya.autumn says:

    this is amazing. end of.

  2. For the record, your blog is awesome. 🙂

  3. Ginny! says:


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