Tutorials to flutter eyelashes at ;)

So it’s still half term for me her in England {HAHA} and I haven’t had much to do and the weather’s been pretty skitzofrenic as my sister would say, so it it’s been hard to decide what to do. Plus my parents are constantly nagging me to do music practice and I only have 6 days of revision left and a brain full of procrastination (me and my sister could nearly form a procrastination society, but we’d probably put it off…”haaha I’m so funny!”) Anyway, so I decided to do some messing around with my limited supply of makeup and then VIOLA, somehow I just edited this tutorial consisting of two looks, both of which explore the use of mascara (my frenime!) I’m actually pretty proud: usually in videos I inevitably put on this American accent that sounds really crap (I watch too many videos of Tavi! I try to imitate her I can’t stop OK?!?!?) But in this one I’m my usual Geeky English self- so enjoy and I hope you have a go at some of these lash-fluttering looks 🙂 Enjoy!

Below are some photos I took myself of the finished products- Crazy, huh? Like ’em?



By the way, I had to takw these myself so they’re pretty crap, but this was basically my outfit:

I’m not sure whether I look like a retro granny in this outfit, but it makes my feel sort of elegant, decedant or something so it’ll do!

Vintage Melbourne Sheer printed dress (present), bracelet from Chinise market, ASOS door-knocker earrings in emeraldine, Urban outfitteres coral lipstick, Topshop KOHL liner in petrol, Rimmel waterproof mascara (+usually worn with Topshop brown skinny belt and blue tights!) 

Have fun make-up-ing you pretty ladies! Opi x

2 Responses to “Tutorials to flutter eyelashes at ;)”
  1. i love the blue ones! might try it!

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  1. […] but I have a kind of ombre thang going on, with violet at the very tips of my eyelashes (tip from Ophelia, check her blog and tutorial out!). The lipstick is definitely more red, even though it is shown […]

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