Preety In pink! :D

So it all started with Charlotte Free, that skinny little model with harsh cheekbones, sharp eyebrows, dark eyes and the most gorgeous candy floss hair, rite? The well known 18-year-old (I think) Danielle Scutt model (remember her two Topshop makeup tutorials {here and here?}) has walked for Vivienne Westwood, House Of Holland, Louise Gray, Roksanda Illinic and many more (ughhglcdsdk why do I sound so advertisment-ish it’s pissing me off!!?!!?)

Anyway: the thing is, like some, catwalk modelling is only supposed to be a quick job to get into-Ā “I have always wanted to study science in college, but I knew it wouldn’t be possible unless I worked hard to make money first,” Free told us. “I always wanted to work in a creative field. When I started, I was just out of high school and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do.”

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I’m tempted to go PINK too now- though my parents probably wouldn’t let me! šŸ˜¦ Hey! It looks like the industry’s caught on, it’s not just Miss. Free anymore!

Ginta. L (Model)

Abby Lee Kershaw

Oh Elle!

Jesus Angie!

Lara Stone

No, but guys, lets be honest here, we all know my hair’s {LIKE} way better than any of their candy-floss do’s, Pftt…Watch out Charlotte, here I come!


2 Responses to “Preety In pink! :D”
  1. Jinny/Ginny says:

    “watch out Charlotte, here I come” !! šŸ˜€ go girl! The 12 year old girl with the bright pink hair has just become the latest fashion icon! Make sure you buy these amazing pink wigs that opi has modelled in her blog!! ;D keep goin with the blog ur an inspiration to us little peeps! See ya at school, only a few more days!
    Luv ā¤ Ginny! šŸ˜›

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