I’m only 12 you know! *Sweetly*

NOTE: I would just like to apologise previously for the amount of made up words, shiz, capitals letter, randomness and obviously RAD-ness (that’s me) in this post. I would also like to say check out PopTuckShop wordpress blog by my good friend Archie. Enjoy!

^Read on and you’ll get it.

Hey dudes *omigod just realised I haven’t said that in ages!* But guuuuuueeessss what?! It’s Tavi day. Well, since this’ll probably be posted tommorow I should say yesterday was Queen-(oh yes it was the queens birthday too!)…Anyway it was Queen Tavi’s sweet sixteen! Damn she’s sixteen. I rememberr when she that wee ‘pint-sized fashion wunderkind’, remember? When she posted that youtube vid of herself doing that crazy dance to Abba, remember her huge pink bow at NYFW (New York Fash. Week DUH!) Remember the start of ROOKIE?  Remember, remember,remember, tremember (I just made that word up because I’m that cool…) Sumtimes *-purposely spelt wrong, nothing to do with my lack of brains* you just want to BE INNA MERICA! *Starts singing West Side Story interlude…* I swear {LIKE} everything happens in America. Ok so stuff happens here, but I’m missing out on thrift stores (+good vintage shops) and Middle school and most importantly Tavi (awesome person my idol e.t.c) and Petra (amazing photographer, feminist e.t.c)…And although I’m hooked on ROOKIE, I feel so disconnected from everything, even here in London! I missed the VOGUE festival and Coachella (ok that’s America but wat da hell?) I FEEL SO OUTTA IT. I FEEL SO UNISPIRED. WHY IS EVERYONE SO UNINTERESTING AND INTERESTED AT THE MOMENT?! And I wish I could just get out there and meet people and have bucket loads of time and everything. Infact, ‘Man I hate high school’ (technically I’m in what Americans call middle school, but I don’t actually care because I’m quoting one of the coolest people ever LINDSEY {IS-FREAKIN’-AWESOME} WEIR, Freaks and gEEKS DUH!)- You do not know how much I wish school was over, I cannot wait until I’m 16, until I can do proper modelling, until I can get an extra job and stuff and it’s un b-bloody-leave-able how much I can’t wait for that last day of school. Oh I forgot and until I’ve finished all these stupid music exams and can have some fridgin’ peace. Anyway back to me myself and I (obvs {Like} totes babe) I’ve had a pretty average half term. I’m not sure what to think…I’ve pretty much blogged it all away…I’ve only seen 2 friends and I haven’t done anything exciting really. I’ve been pretty pished off at my self infact, for being so unproductive (I didn’t do any DIY-ing!?!?!?) And so internetty 😦 And boringky. I’m so poo-ed off at myself for being such a mudplongeravblefundgefallbadleclonklerchinhungf It totally schmucks/sucks don’t you think? vgshhajk  iohdjwkl Oh, the woes of adolescence (pre-adolescence, whatever…) On the happy side of things: my little sis has started to write VOZ & VOT instead of WOZ & WOT in her books (come on, she’s in pre-school)- I can see her German side coming out…although there’s no one German in our family but oh well….*Phew rant over*

Ok so this is a diagram of my brain at the moment:

*Ok so maybe the school bit could be bigger, because it generally is Seven Crappy Hours Of Our Lives EVERY DAY (WASTED)- and takes up way too much time and thought and contains way too much Homework, Teachers and Jerks, but none the less it is inevitabley a large part of my life. In this diagram of my brain I have made it small so I can symbolise how totally irrevelant it is to my precious little brain space. To be honest, I don’t know how my brain hasn’t bursted yet, (or it already has and that explains why I’m so wierd…)- if you were to draw everything inside my brain on a piece of paper….The paper would be so fat if it sat on a rainbow skittles would pop out {ahhhaa I’m so funny!} Anyway, these are just a few things whizzing round my p-youny little noggin’ at any given moment: if you look close enough you can see Tavi and Petra’s COOL VIBES, and the excitedable vibes in my must buy section, and at the bottom there is me saying arggh because I am such a confused little 12 year old. I think I let myself down with the drawings a bit, but no worries- improved le brain diagram anyway: right this second it is an egg shaped thing with a massive, uncontrollable, unstoppable, unbeatable, uneverythingable mess. I think it symbolises what goes on in my brain perfectly and is way more accurate. I mean, half the time I dunno what the scadooosh I’m on about anyway! 🙂

And it seems my wants/dreams/wishes (mostly wants) list isn’t getting any smaller….

I think it’s a work of art! Pretty cool huh? I’m actually so proud. I mean, which 12 year old has to be perfect huh? I am only 12 you know *shweetly*…You should see my homework diary…ah what am sight…I am an exoert doodler now- I could actually be professional you know. Check me: professional doodler 😉

And if any one cares: today I’m wearing a big pink chunky Topshop jumper with my bikini underneath {getting ready for SUMMA y’all- I ❤ people who say that!) My supremes badges (in red, blue & green), my blue flared-ish-y hotpants (which I’ve been neglecting lately) and a single moony- blue earring (vintage and very pretty.) Also, I may be dying me hair…YES it’s a miracle! My Dad said he wouldn’t mind dying my hair candyfloss pink and I can’t actually believe it, and it probably won’t happen, (due to) school kill-joy teachers e.t.c but it would be fun none the less to start fresh and stun all my friends+ some teenage rebellion slap-dashed in there! It would be the most insanely cool thing ever! And at least it’s something to look forward too 😀

Ah yes…My wishes/dreams/wants list I showed you before is still going actually! Bear in mind that not everything on there could come true so sometimes it’s fun to fantasise and my top ones may never happen *sob sob* (just JOKING) I will make them happen! Anyway, my list of top wants from my list (or rather, art piece) are….*Drum Roll please!*

1. To meet Petra (Collins- DUH) and Tavi (Gevinson- Double DUH) or even better be best friends. No MEGA best friends…awww.

2. For me and my blog to get known- 40,000 followers or something…{SHUT UP I KNOW IT’S UNLIKELY BUT IF TAVI CAN DO IT WHY CAN’T I?}

3. Susie Bubble‘s Wardrobe. Yes please.

4. An amazing collection of cameras (Diana F‘s & clones, Polaroids, SLRs e.t.c)

5.  To go to London Fashion Week and for it to be as exciting and magical as Tavi’s first time was (interviewing, backstage, front row MUWHHAHAHH)

6. Meadham Kirchhofff. {LIKE} everything.


8. Everlasting shopping vouchers for Tatty Devine so I can buy a perspex name necklace in that awesome font saying FREAK. It would be awesome. And those amazing eye lash cat-eye sunglasses I must have, and that quirky voulme button brooch and Meadham Kirchhoff-esque ARRRGGGGHHHHH necklace.

9. TONNES (and I mean tonnes) of thrift store and vintage bargain buys.

10. Hair like Tavi’s. Officaly coolest hair ever. I wanna cut my hair short.


^ Just to let you know, all of the above will probably change in a few weeks 😀

I would like to say something rad (but I can’t remember what to say…), I would like to I would like to be all soppy and say I soon will have to post only twice a week as a pose to every day (because stupid school starts again) but instead I will simply show you this cool pic I pinched from Tavi’s twitter- it reminded me of me: ‘THAT GIRL” Ahh the interenet is both a horrible and wunderful place…(mostly wunderful I muuust say!)


17 Responses to “I’m only 12 you know! *Sweetly*”
  1. Ahh, i need like 10 wigs, because there are so many ‘do’s i NEED now! 😮

  2. maddy says:

    hi! I’ve read a few entries (hopped over from Rookie :D) but I’m commenting to say that I think you’re pretty awesome and that in America we think you’re cool *over there*! and I’m quite impressed that you’re 12! I do not want to remember 7th grade. ugh. also, much of the time I agree with this acronym S.C.H.O.O.L 🙂

  3. Livy says:

    omg hi i followed you twitter and just creeped on your blog haha!! we should email each other about rookie and fashion and all that good stuff! xo

  4. Livy says:

    ohmigod i missed the meetup and now i have to find a way to get to LA! sigh xo

    • omigdod HOW HOW HOW HOW? :O AWW nooo! Oh well ❤ hope you get there! xx

      • Livy says:

        my mom told me it was going to be the following week so we totally forgot and spent the day at my grandmas!!! thanks for hoping i get there! IT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY NOW TO MAKE MY LIFE LONG DREAM COME TRUE EVEN IF IT MEANS NOT GOING ON A SCHOOL TRIP NEXT YEAR AND SELLING MY DOCS.

      • Hhahahaha omigod I’d kill my Mum if that happened i AM SO BAD :/ Well, they’re there for a week so you’ll have time, no? You are so super lucky tho I WISH WISH WISH WISH I could go?!!??!? 😦 Anyway, hope you get there again!

      • Livy says:


      • Well I hope you have a splen-difer-ous time there! Aww thankyou I love people who love me :3 hehe- and I you run into Tavi put in a good word for me, eh? Haha!

  5. Livy says:

    Haha, I definitely will!!!! xo

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